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Liam Scully, CEO of Lincoln City FC

Season 1, Ep. 12

This episode features Liam Scully, Chief Executive at Lincoln City FC. Liam arrived just as the club re-entered the EFL after a prolonged spell in the National League, and I'd advise revisiting Episode Four’s interview with Lincoln City Chair, Clive Nates, to remind yourself of the rebuilding job that Clive, his colleagues and subsequently, Liam Scully, had to do, and how impressive it is at all levels.

What is particularly stand out with Liam, is how thoughtful he is, and just how much you get the sense that he’s always learning, always trying to understand how to improve and do what he does better. He’s risen gradually in football, starting as a PFA/Football In the Community apprentice, who then moved into the operations side of club football. After plying his trade at Doncaster Rovers, he was chosen by Lincoln City to run the club.

Key Insights

1. Liam works on the basis of four pillars in a football club - if you can get the first three, and the final one falls into place - the playing side - you’ve hit the sweet spot! 

  • Fans & first team football management
  • Strong Fan Engagement & two-way dialogue between fans & club
  • Club management (off pitch) & fans
  • On the pitch success

2. He also points out that fans don’t want to win at all costs - winning with integrity matters more than you might think; and that fans appreciate that there’s been a process behind a decision, even if they don’t agree with the actual decision.

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