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Epsorts with Trev Keane from Took Consulting

Season 1, Ep. 32

This episode is one of the most fascinating I’ve done, because I learned such a huge amount about a subject I knew very little about: esports. It centres around a chat with Trev Keane, a Dublin-based consultant with Took Media and a founding board member of Ireland Esports. 

There’s a lot of talk about whether football - and other sports - should see esports as a threat to their business model, and I think we expose that as a fallacy. Not that clubs shouldn’t be aware of competing leisure pursuits, of course. 

It's clear there's huge potential for clubs to understand and utilise esports to enhance the reach they have. It’s not just Man United who can harness its power, but all clubs. They are at the very least, tools to communicate with people your club needs a relationship with, in the same way as any other tool.

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