The Fan Engagement Pod


Part 1: Digital Fan Engagement & more with Mario Leo, CEO, Result Sports

Season 1, Ep. 17

Episode Seventeen of the Fan Engagement Pod is in two parts, and is a conversation with Mario Leo, CEO of Result Sports, a Platform for Digital Media in Sports. He’s also a UEFA Grow Mentor, and a director of Digital Sports Africa and a University lecturer. 


He’s one of the leading experts in digital sports communication, but he’s undoubtedly a leading expert in communications full-stop.


This is part one, which looks at:


  • How to generate loyalty via digital 
  • The role of social media as a way of narrowing choices & generating loyalty for fans, but how it causes damage in other areas of society
  • How Mario expects changes to the broadcasting model to escalate over the next few years as a result of Covid19
  • How digital hasn’t properly integrated itself into the football club business model, and is still too focused as a broadcast media/comms function
  • And how clubs can avoid pitting fans against each other (digital versus in person, abroad versus domestic). 


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