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Data isn't just about numbers: Fiona Green from Winners

Season 1, Ep. 30

This episode is a chat with Fiona Green, Director and Co-Founder of Winners, a technology-neutral provider of services that helps sports rights owners increase revenue, participation and engagement. 

Fiona is an expert in the field of data, and is passionate about getting people to understand the absolute centrality of data for rights holders.

She talks about where clubs have struggled for various reasons to incorporate data into their day-to-day, and why they absolutely should. Anyone who wants to know how to do it right at a minimum needs to read her book, Winning with Data, or even get on the phone and book a call:

Her book is being republished in March and will link up with the new Winners training course as part of it. It's published by Routledge, and will be available from all good bookshops.

Don’t forget we’ve got loads of other episodes, including the new Bas Chat, where we take a particular look at activations, sponsorships and partnerships between brands and rights holders with a real expert in the field. A new episode is out this Thursday 28th Jan, and every last Thursday of every month. Listen via the usual channels.

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Jonathan Bradley from Bang The Table (online engagement specialists)

Season 1, Ep. 56
Welcome to the Fan Engagement Chat, the episode of the Fan Engagement Pod where we hear about someone’s approach to Fan Engagement.Recorded in March 2021, this is a chat with Jonathan Bradley from Bang The Table. Their mission states that ‘Robust democracy requires real public participation. Our mission is to enable this participation as a fundamental pillar of well-functioning 21st century democracies by forging constructive relationships between communities and the institutions of government.’ The company’s EngagementHQ platform provides a managed online social space to facilitate this.So what relevance does this have to Fan Engagement? The common thread is to ensure that seldom heard and hard to reach groups are given opportunities to engage - in our case, Fans.It’s particularly interesting to look at platforms created by the likes of Bang The Table for ideas when it comes to moving constructive dialogue away from the very public social networks of Twitter and Facebook, to environments which are more protected and enable dialogue.Anyone looking at online tools to engage with fans should listen to this, and if you want to understand more about their work, go to their UK Consult podcast, where I appeared recently to chat about Fan Engagement, the European Super League and the work of Think Fan Engagement.And just to add: we have no commercial or financial relationship with Bang The Table. We just really like their platform and what they do.Don’t forget you can find out how your club did in the Fan Engagement Index at You can also register for free for the Fan Engagement Hub if you want to access more detailed data and case studies from the 2019/2020 Index.Please like, subscribe and share. It really does help our visibility.