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  • 2. NCDR and the new FPR rules

    Host Mark Ablett is joined by Annie Ward and Rebekah Batt of Pump Court to consider the latest rule changes to encourage NCDR in the Family Court. Annie and Rebekah bring different perspectives, Annie being an arbitrator, Rebekah being at the coalface with cases that ought to explore NCDR but frequently do not due to (misplaced?) costs concerns. The podcast considers how the new rules have applied so far, what further changes might be made and the different forms of NCDR available. Recent cases, e.g. NA v LA [2024] EWFC 113, have made clear that issues such as non-disclosure will not make a case in and of itself unsuitable for NCDR and practitioners need to be aware of Form FM5 and the court's ability to adjourn proceedings for NCDR.

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  • 1. Cohabitation Law Reform

    Host Mark Ablett is joined by Graeme Fraser (BBS Law) and Victoria Clarke (Elite Law) to discuss Resolutions Vision for Family Justice, in particular those elements affecting cohabiting couples. Both Graeme and Victoria sit on the Resolution Cohabitation Committee and it will quickly become apparent to listeners what they think of the current state of the law. The pod discusses the need for wholesale change as well as the current deficiencies and frank unfairness in an increasingly out of date Schedule 1 as well as whether child maintenance should be returned to the Family Court's jurisdiction. This is undoubtedly an area of law crying out for change and the podcast was privileged to host two of those at the forefront of this change.
  • 8. Learning to laugh after baby loss

    Following up from our podcast on George's Law, Pump Court was pleased to welcome Keeley Lengthorn of Taylor Rose MW back to the podcast, this time joined by Ashleigh Ulyssess who is an Operations Manager and Sands Befriender. Both were speaking to Imogen Robins in connection with Baby Loss Week. Listeners should be warned that this podcast may be triggering for those who have experienced baby loss. Following up from George's Law, this podcast is also not about family law but it is an important issue which affects families and we hope listeners agree that these incredibly brave women deserve this platform to tell their story and continue to raise awareness.
  • 7. The Law Commission's Review on Financial Remedies

    Join Jennifer Lee of Pump Court and star guest, Professor David Hodson OBE, KC (Hons) MCIArb, joint co-founder and senior partner at The International Family Law Group, for a thought-provoking podcast on the Law Commission's review of the laws which determine financial provision on divorce or the ending of a civil partnership.The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 Act is now 50 years old. Are there problems with the current framework which require reform? What might the options be?This podcast will look at the scope of the Law Commission's work on this topic, and delve into the reasons why some have called for a review, the possible options for reform, the pros and cons, and comparisons with other jurisdictions. Listen to the podcast and let us have your views! Those with questions or comments may contact Jennifer Lee.
  • 6. George's Law

    Keeley Lengthorn of Taylor Rose MW speaks to host Imogen Robins about her awe inspiring campaign for statutory leave for baby loss under 24 weeks of pregnancy. Keeley talks frankly about her own experiences which led her to be a campaigner, and listeners should be trigger-warned in relation to baby loss. This is not family law, but it is law affecting families and Keeley's honesty and tenacity makes this a must-listen.
  • 5. Top-up child maintenance and the impact of CMX v EJX

    Helen Brander and Edward Boydell discuss top-up child maintenance and the impact of CMX v EJX.
  • 4. Nesting

    Join Mark Ablett for an enlightening chat with Pump Court's Cordelia Williams about the rise in the practice of nesting in child arrangements cases, as reported by the Guardian: pod looks at the pros and cons (mainly cons...) of the arrangement, for both children and parents, considering the one recent reported decision on the issue of A, B and C (Children: Nesting Arrangement) [2022] EWCA Civ 68 and with Cordelia providing invaluable insight from handling a multitude of nesting cases recently.