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False Economy

Summer Special 2: Rich Wilson

Season 2, Ep. 27

The comedian joins Vix for another holiday spending special - in which he bemoans his constant train-based woes, discusses his endless love of trainers and ponders whether he’s finally going to embrace the return of Crocs...

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  • 4. Ikea, TomTom and Santa Claus

    This week we tell you all about Lidl’s Christmas jumper hire scheme (spoiler alert, it’s not as good as it seems), discuss the word of the year which is very apt for this podcast, plus we taste test a variety of Irish Cream drinks to see if we can tell the difference between actual Bailey’s and the alternatives…
  • 3. Toby Carvery, the Eurostar and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange

    Vix is joined by hotukdeals Games Editor Charlotte Redding and Deals Editor Dan Evans to bring you all the best inside scoops for Black Friday, as well as a new plan for surge pricing in pubs!Plus, they discuss inflated deals - are you really getting a bargain?
  • 2. Baileys, Lego and Cineworld bargains

    Vix and Paul take you through the week's best deals as well as discussing the news around self-service checkouts, Kevin the Carrot and inflation (but not in a boring way, promise). Plus they're joined by hotukdeals editor Dan Evans to bring you all the latest bargains.
  • 1. The All-New False Economy is here!

    Vix and Paul launch the brand-new refreshed version of False Economy, bringing you all the best deals, tips and tricks to save money.This week, they discsus Christmas toys, what we can expect from Black Friday this year plus Paul has his eyes very much opened by the Lovehoney advent calendar...
  • Something's coming...

    Coming next Friday, a BRAND NEW version of False Economy which we think you're gonna love...have a listen for more details!
  • 6. Ep34: Ian Smith

    The comedian and podcaster tells Vix and Paul all about this spending habits, from why he resents in-app purchases on phone games to raging about something called a dental pod that he bought. Plus, we discover how much land costs on the moon and bemoan the price of rugs. 
  • 5. Ep33: Rosie Holt

    The actor, writer and internet sensation tells Vix and Paul all about her spending habits, including why clothes infuriate her and why she really dislikes people who spend money on expensive handbags.
  • 4. Ep32: Marc Burrows

    The award-winning author, comedian and journalist bemoans his spending habits to Vix and Paul - he simply can’t work out why he doesn’t have any money despite having a healthy income. Although we think we may have found the answer by analysing his outgoings, which include a hefty chunk on laundry (you heard) and can be further illustrated by the fact he doesn’t even have a club card despite living next door to a Tesco. 
  • 3. Ep31: Justin Myers

    The author and the face behind The Guyliner tells Vix and Paul all about his spending history - from his mum’s bin (quite the deal) to fancy swimwear - and he lets rip on why he just hates cleaning products.