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False Economy

Ep4: Tom Price

Season 2, Ep. 4

This week's guest hosts a podcast that digs into its guests' purchasing history - what a neat idea!

Tom joins Vix and Paul to discuss his own spending habits though, from copper pots to broadband troubles, and the issue with having oversized feet.

Plus, we learn all about Seth Rogan's side hustle - and it's not quite what you expect.

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  • 22. Barlows in the bin

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss important changes to car tax (yes we know it sounds boring but stick with it) - as well as bemoaning the current state of Royal Mail. Plus - how much does a full sized tennis court cost? (I know, you’ve always wanted to know…)
  • 21. Killing a man with a Chocolate Orange

    Vix is joined by Paul and Charlotte to discuss the terrible phenomenon of 'Finfluencers' (find out what they are by listening...) - plus they celebrate National Scrabble day in style...
  • 20. More expensive, more slowly

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss the Amazonification of the consumer market - do we expect too much from smaller businesses now that big corporations offer so much? Plus, how much does it cost to be cryogenically frozen these days?
  • 18. Inside a Mongolian yurt in Notting Hill

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss social spending pressure - do you find yourself buying rounds you can't afford, or splitting a bill even if you've only had a salad? Plus, fines for taking your kids out of school are rising...
  • 17. Have you been to the chocolate river yet?

    Vix is joined by Paul and Charlotte to discuss the now infamous Willy Wonka experience - plus they tell you exactly how big a pay rise you need to keep up with the increased cost of living...
  • 16. Burning for a welding helmet

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte are talking all things electric vehicles this week, as well as trying to determine the value of a degree these days - plus, FINALLY, we discuss the big issue of 2024: welding.
  • 15. You can’t find cruelty anymore

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss the battle of the supermarkets (which is very much hotting up), whether you should share your scratchcard winnings with a partner (spoiler, someone didn't) and the sad demise of the Body Shop (and whether in fact, it is at all sad.)Plus, how much would you pay for an old tyre? We finally answer the age-old question.
  • 14. Are we going to retire...ever??

    Vix is joined by Paul and Charlotte to discuss the impending doom that is the ever-increasing retirement age, as well as the implications of the modern working week. But most importantly, how much does it cost to swim with sharks these days?
  • 13. How much it costs to become a witch

    It's Valentine's Day! Hurrah! Or Ugh, depending on how you feel. If you've left everything to the last minute (and let's face it, who hasn't), we have some top tips on ways to salvage the disaster. Plus: Vix, Paul and Charlotte talk all things healthcare in the light of the King's recent diagnosis - what's the best cover, and how can you manage if you suddenly come down with a long term illness.