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False Economy

Ep13: Bobby Seagull

Season 2, Ep. 13

The broadcaster and mathematician tells Vix and Paul all about his spending habits, from his love of charity shops to how he ended up opening a 99p store once upon a time. 

Plus he explains why he gets online adverts for eastern European brides as well as testing Vix and Paul’s maths skills.

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  • 2. Ep30: Naomi Paxton/Ada Campe

    The writer, performer, actor, academic researcher and star of the cabaret scene discusses her retail spending habits from home renovations to harem pants, plus some insight into working as a flying monkey (true story). And we also discover how much it costs to do yoga with goats (again, true story).
  • 1. Ep29: Wynne Evans

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    Vix and Paul are reunited for the final one of our summer special episodes, and he tells us some of his best holiday spending stories. 
  • 27. Summer Special 2: Rich Wilson

    The comedian joins Vix for another holiday spending special - in which he bemoans his constant train-based woes, discusses his endless love of trainers and ponders whether he’s finally going to embrace the return of Crocs...
  • 26. Summer Special 1: Leslie Ewing-Burgesse

    The first of our Summer Special series sees comedian Leslie Ewing-Burgesse tell Vix all about her holiday bargains and rip-offs, from the perils of connecting flights to how Vinted is helping her spend the summer in Edinburgh. Plus we fondly remember the Megabus Gold...
  • 26. Ep26: Olga Koch

    The comedian tells Vix and Andrew O’Neill all about her purchasing habits and what ticks her off: from spray tans to adverts for large bras, and why she thinks anyone with a smart speaker is an idiot.Plus, we answer the age-old question: just how much does a dog treadmill cost?
  • 25. Ep25: Alison Spittle

    The comedian tells Vix and guest host Andrew O’Neill all about her spending habits, from her frustration with a certain type of tights to her problem with Beyonce.
  • 24. Ep24: James Barr

    The presenter and comedian tells Vix and Andrew O'Neill all about his spending habits - from why he resents having to spend money on his sex life to how Rita Ora has REALLY messed with his online targeted advertising. Plus, intimate piercings and why people spend too much money on their children.
  • 23. Ep23: Rebecca Reid

    The author and journalist tells Vix and guest host Andrew O'Neill all about her spending habits, from being ripped off by a plumber to her bargain Hugo Boss trench coat. Plus, why she really resents hair removal treatment...