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False Economy

Diving for golf balls

Season 4, Ep. 24

Where have all the Little Chefs gone? And why are Deliveroo trying to charge us more for…delivering. Plus, how much does it cost to travel around New York City?

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  • 28. Dander and farts

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte are talking all things mortgages - specifically how old is too old to get a mortgage these days? It’s not like it was in the old days, that’s for sure. And if that wasn’t enough, we tell you how much it’ll cost you to buy twelve bags of bugs….
  • 27. Rufus Hound's money tips

    The spokesperson for having transparent conversations about money Rufus Hound joins Vix, Paul and Charlotte to discuss our attitudes to money, and how we might better deal with widespread issues. Plus, a dig into the world of dating and how much it costs.
  • 26. Twelve hours of flowers

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss the latest trend of 'skimpflation' - and if you don't know what that is...well join the club, but they'll explain all. Plus, water prices are rising at a huge rate...
  • 25. Have you ever seen a melon?

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss a new report which suggests that London is now more expensive than Monte Carlo, which is absolutely nutbags if you ask us. Plus, how do you feel about compulsory service charge?
  • 23. Turkey Teeth

    Vix and Paul discuss the drop in popularity in staycations - apparently they're down 80%. There's also an upturn in the number of people going abroad for vet treatment given the spiralling costs at home - plus, you've probably had pizza WITH beer, but have you ever tried a pizza FLAVOURED beer?
  • 22. Barlows in the bin

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss important changes to car tax (yes we know it sounds boring but stick with it) - as well as bemoaning the current state of Royal Mail. Plus - how much does a full sized tennis court cost? (I know, you’ve always wanted to know…)
  • 21. Killing a man with a Chocolate Orange

    Vix is joined by Paul and Charlotte to discuss the terrible phenomenon of 'Finfluencers' (find out what they are by listening...) - plus they celebrate National Scrabble day in style...
  • 20. More expensive, more slowly

    Vix, Paul and Charlotte discuss the Amazonification of the consumer market - do we expect too much from smaller businesses now that big corporations offer so much? Plus, how much does it cost to be cryogenically frozen these days?