Fairwork Podcast


006: The UK Gig Economy

Season 1, Ep. 6

Last month, Fairwork released our first ever round of scoring for the UK. We gave 11 platforms a fairness score out of 10, based on their ability to provide fair and decent work. Scores ranged from 8 all the way down to 0, showing a massive variation in the types of work being provided by different platforms. But the conditions present within the gig economy, do not arise in a vacuum, but emerge out of specific social, cultural, economic and political contexts.


To mark the release of the first round of UK scores, this week on the Fairwork podcast we are joined by Alessio Bertolini – a post-doctoral researcher at Fairwork.


Alessio is here to help us understand the gig economy in the UK, where did the gig economy comes from? What decisions led us to this point? And what does the future holds?

Check out how we scored gig platforms in the UK here: https://fair.work/en/ratings/uk/

Read the full UK report here: https://fair.work/en/fw/publications/fairwork-uk-ratings-2021/

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