Fairwork Podcast


010: Kids These Days...

Season 1, Ep. 10
It hardly needs stating, but the world faces some grave challenges in the 21st century. From the dismantlement of workplace security replaced by an increasingly precarious model of work, to the threats to our biosphere posed by climate change and biodiversity loss. In the face of the enormity of these challenges we often feel lost, a tiny individual unable to stand up against the whims of global capital. Amidst this, we have seen the huge reduction in the power of trade unions since the 1980s as their power has been systematically undermined by governments around the world. But what role is there for Unions within the 21st century and what does their future hold?On this week's episode of the Fairwork podcast we welcome Eve Livingston. Eve is a writer based in Glasgow, whose book ‘Make Bosses Pay: Why We Need Unions’ was released by Pluto Press in Autumn 2021.Our conversation looks at contemporary trade unionism, it looks at what is holding unions back, as well as what they could achieve. It looks are the power and opportunity within collective organising to solve a range of the social, political, economic and environmental issues faced by our global community; but it also looks at where we’re going wrong and what we can do about it.You can find out more about Eve's book here: https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745341620/make-bosses-pay/You can contact Robbie Warin at robbie.warin@oii.ox.ac.ukYou can find out more about Fairwork: https://fair.work/en/fw/homepage/