Fairwork Podcast


005: Pay

Season 1, Ep. 5

Many of us take for granted the minimum wage. It’s just there, hovering in background, the floor that sits beneath us, ensuring the minimum we will take home at the end of a day’s work. But for workers in the gig economy, it’s a luxury they rarely know, as they piece together a living task to task, never knowing what a days work will be worth at the end of it.

This week on the Fairwork podcast, we hear the story of Ethan Bradley, a Deliveroo courier based in the North East of England. We look at issues related to pay, what it is like working under a piece rate system, the mental stress attached to this, and how it shapes your experiences of your work. We hear from Matt Cole, a researcher at Fairwork and from Emiliano Mellino of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism about their recent investigation into hourly pay for Deliveroo riders across the UK.

You can read the Bureau's full report here.

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