Fairwork Podcast


003: Contracts

Season 1, Ep. 3

On Friday the 18th of February, the UK Supreme Court announced its judgement on the case Uber V Aslam, rejecting Uber's appeal and declaring that two of its drivers, Yaseen Aslam and James Farrar must be classified as workers. This was the end of 5 years of legal challenges, with Uber taking their appeal to the highest court in the country.

For Yaseen Aslam, it was 7 years in the making and took him on a journey that would dominate his life in ways he never would have imagined.

This episode looks at contracts and in it, we hear from Yaseen Aslam, the former Uber driver who successfully took them to court over his classification as a self-employed independent contractor, a ruling that has implications for gig workers in the UK and beyond. We hear Yaseen’s personal account of a case that has made headlines around the globe. We find out what it is like taking on a multinational corporation, organising gig workers in the UK, and what inspired him to do it.

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Welcome to the Planetary Labour Market

Season 2
The internet is radically reconfiguring the geographies of work, making it possible for workers to connect with employers based anywhere on the planet. Around the world, millions of people are piecing together a living on digital platforms. From labelling data sets to train AI, to content moderation, online sex work to content creation, digital platforms are becoming a major means by which people are accessing paid work, allowing them to pay their rent and send their kids to school. The internet gig economy is radically changing the frontiers of work, where it takes place, who does it and what we consider it to be.   Welcome to the Planetary Labour Market,   This is a podcast series about the workers making a living in the online gig economy, a selection of stories from those on the frontlines. We speak to workers and researchers from around the work, completing work in all four corners of the globe. We’ll hear stories of workers who are navigating precarity and the constant threat of deactivation. Those who are thriving against the odds, and those organising for a better world. We dive into what it’s like working in the gig economy, what it’s like being managed by algorithms, rated on every job and monitored every step of the way. We ask the big questions, looking at the political and the personal – exploring the radical changes to our world of work through the eyes of those at its centre. New episodes every Monday starting the 14th of November.