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The life of a Third Culture Kid therapist

84 A loft of magical things

Ep. 84

Rachel's getting her loft boarded... and it's bringing up some Third Culture Kid stuff.

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  • 96 - Other People's Stories of Us

    How comfortable are we when other people's stories of us don't align with how we want to be perceived? In my experience, it's a common human experience to feel the need to have some control over the story of who we are. For many TCKs, it's aligned to our very social survival...
  • 95 - Third Culture Kids and Leadership

    In this episode, I'm exploring the expectations that form around leadership for Third Culture Kids... what are your experiences?
  • 94 - Let's break a social rule... on purpose!

    Ok, this is a fun one... What do we feel about breaking social rules? For me there is a shiver of dread around this, a reaction that remembers the cost of cultural faux pas. But what about if we are breaking rules intentionally? What rule would you break?
  • 93 - Are they the right one for me?

    This is such a common question I hear from Third Culture Kids trying to work out their relationship stories... and in this episode I want to explore what could be going on here for us. Why do we need to be so sure? And what could this focus on the other be denying ourselves?
  • 92 My weird is showing on my walls...

    Now that I have an established space, I'm feeling a whole new set of feelings around inviting people into that space - my weird is showing on the walls! In this episode I explore more about the vulnerability of letting ourselves show up in our homes.
  • 91 - Power and Change

    Change has been the constant for so many Third Culture Kids, for so long. If there is one thing we can count on, it's change. Yet what is our relationship with change - and how much power do we feel we have in it?
  • 90 - I Belong Where I Want To

    This title, "I Belong Where I Want To" feels so subversive... I'm so acutely aware of the pain I and so many other TCKs have felt around belonging that this phrase feels almost ridiculous. And yet I've come to believe it - utterly.
  • 89 Dancing through our Story

    Rachel explored discovering a new way to connect to her body, moving from self-consciousness into joy, and reflects on the ways our bodies hold different chapters of our stories.
  • 88 Do I Need or Do I Want?

    Rachel explores how many TCKs have learnt to minimize needs, to such an extent that the things we need to thrive start to feel like luxuries we shouldn't want. She offers another way in to discovering what our needs may be and how to acknowledge them.