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The life of a Third Culture Kid therapist

78 The Successful TCK

Ep. 78

We often carry a sense of how a "good" TCK life should look - and the burden of this can be crushing. 

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  • 87 My Pet Peeve

    In this episode, Rachel goes head to head with here pet peeve - her own habit of living by old rules she don't want anymore... So many Third Culture Kids picked up rules throughout their lives, are they serving us anymore?
  • 86 Blocks to Journaling

    Journaling comes up a lot as a tool to help us process our stories. In this episode Rachel explores why journaling can be useful to us, what blocks we may face and some options to open up journaling as an option for us.
  • 85. 85 Social Capital - TCK impact audit!

    Rachel came across the idea of social capital in her sociology studies, but sees it come up a lot for Third Culture Kids. If social capital is the idea of the social networks that make us feel connected and embedded in our communities, do TCKs feel they have enough?
  • 84. 84 A loft of magical things

    Rachel's getting her loft boarded... and it's bringing up some Third Culture Kid stuff.
  • 83. 83 My Favourite Things...

    "What's your favourite...?" This is not a fun question for me. For what occasion? In which country? In what language? Defining our preferences can be tough as TCKs, and this episode explores why and how we can approach this differently.
  • 82. 82 Indicators Transition is Going Well (or Not)

    Here again, Kristi Steele of is asking questions many of us do about how TCKs may experience transition but this one is especially for those caregivers who want to be active participants in this challenging chapter of life.
  • 81. 81 Talking TCKs on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

    On May 19th I spoke to Melvyn Prior on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about TCKs and my book "Incredible Lives and the Courage to Live Them: Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid therapist".If you are an adult TCK, you probably sense that the multicultural, high mobility experiences of your childhood continue to impact your life in some way now. Making sense of the impact of these experiences, however, can feel overwhelming, especially if we have long experience of our stories being met with bafflement and incredulity.My hope is that this collection of my thoughts over the last seven years of working with Third Culture Kids will create space for you to explore and make sense of the incredible life you’ve lived.More information about ordering the book can be found here: of Melvyn's shows are available on BBC Sounds:
  • 80. 80 TCK Romance and Relationships

    This episode comes to you thanks to Kristi Steele of whose dedication to aiding college students transition well has extended to reaching out to me! Kristi asks me in this episode about what TCKs need to be considering (and what their parents should be aware of!) around the particular challenges they may face around romantic relationships as they start their college years.
  • 79. 79 Now or never, the impact of the truncated timeline

    Many TCKs struggle with a sense of a shortened timeline - leading to a sense of 'now or never'. Rachel ponders how this impacts us and how her garden is stretching her ability to 'wait and see'.