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Expanded Thinking

Episode 1: Power of the Small with Vanessa Berry

Season 1, Ep. 1

Vanessa Berry started out as a creator of cult fanzines back in the 1990s. Her distinctive voice and appreciation of the quirky details of everyday life are captured in her essay collections Mirror Sydney, and Gentle and Fierce. In this episode Walter chats to writer Vanessa about gentleness, oddness and the power of the small.

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  • 8. Episode 8: Ceremonial Magic with Andrés Engracia

    Andrés Engracia has been exploring the esoteric world since his early years. Today Andrés works as a ceremonial magician, clairvoyant and oracle-card creator alongside his work in publishing, acting and podcasting. Andrés has also studied druidry in Scotland with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and his travels and research in folklore infuse all aspects of his work, including his best-selling oracle decks Saints and Mystics and the Pure Magic Oracle. In this episode, Walter chats to Andrés about leading a magical life and maintaining a magical practice throughout life’s ups and downs. Buy Andrés’ books:és’ links:
  • 7. Episode 7: (Re)connecting to Nature with Maggie Hamilton

    Maggie Hamilton is a writer, traveller and social researcher with a background in publishing and spiritual work. Maggie has authored a number of thought-provoking works on our changing relationships to family, strangers, colleagues, community and most importantly, ourselves. In this episode, Walter and Maggie discuss how we can tackle loneliness, learn more constructive social skills and discover the essential truths of life through reconnecting to nature and to each other. Buy Maggie’s Books:’s Links:
  • 6. Episode 6: Creative Expression with Nigel Featherstone

    Nigel Featherstone is an acclaimed author of literary fiction and creative non-fiction, and also collaborates on a wide range of other creative projects including theatre, spoken-word and music. His finely-crafted works have drawn great critical attention, in particular his war novel Bodies of Men, and his latest, My Heart is a Little Wild Thing. In this episode, Walter asks Nigel about where he finds creative expression, the necessity of solitude, and how nature can feed our art.Buy Nigel's Books:'s Links:
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  • 4. Episode 4: Exploring the Afterlife with Barry Eaton

    Barry Eaton is a legendary Australian broadcaster, bestselling author and afterlife explorer who has dedicated much of his life to understanding past lives. Barry has written several books on life after death, including Afterlife, No Goodbyes and Past Lives Unveiled. He is the host and producer of Radio Out There, an internet radio program about all things holistic and metaphysical. In this episode, Walter chats to Barry about eternal consciousness, moving between lives, working with spirit and the power of meditation and imagination.Buy Barry's books:'s Links:
  • 3. Episode 3: Healing Lightwork with Alana Fairchild

    Alana Fairchild is a creative visionary, spiritual artist and author with a diverse body of work including books, oracle cards, meditations and music. Alana also runs a number of online courses on energy work and hosts an online community which connects spiritual practitioners across the globe. In this episode, Walter and Alana chat about about integrative energy and healing, creativity and oracle cards.Buy Alana's books and oracle cards:’s Links: www.alanafairchild.com
  • 2. Episode 2: Psychic Intuition with Debbie Malone

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