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  • #1 SEX Doctor: For Better Orgasms Do THIS, Less Sex Can Be Better, Dr Karen Gurney

    Follow to help grow our incredible community!In this episode of "Exhibit A," Abbey Clancy delves into the complexities of sex and relationships withThe Sex Doctor, Dr. Karen Gurney, a leading clinical psychologist and psychosexologist. Dr. Gurney has over 20 years of experience in helping people improve their sex lives. She has authored two insightful books, "Mind the Gap" and "How to Not Let Kids Ruin Your Sex Life." The discussion covers a wide array of topics, including the misconceptions around sexual desire, the impact of societal norms on sexual satisfaction, and practical advice for couples struggling with their sexual connection. Abbey and Dr. Gurney explore the importance of communication, the role of sexual currency, and strategies to reignite passion in long-term relationships. FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashowFACEBOOK: ABBEY CLANCY:INSTAGRAM: ANITA MITRA CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouchMARVELLOUS NETWORK:marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM:

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  • Kerry Katona FINALLY opens up: DRUG Addiction, going Bankrupt TWICE, OnlyFans & Resilience

    Remember to click FOLLOW if you liked this episode. It's one free and simple way to support this show and help us get bigger and better. In this episode of "Exhibit A," Abbey Clancy interviews Kerry Katona, singer and television personality best known as a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten. Kerry discusses her tumultuous life, covering her rise to fame, multiple public marriages, financial struggles, drug addiction, and remarkable comebacks. She shares personal stories about her troubled childhood, overcoming numerous adversities, and her journey toward self-love and empowerment. Kerry's story is one of resilience and determination, highlighting the importance of self-worth and the unyielding love for her children.FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashow FACEBOOK: ABBEY CLANCY: INSTAGRAM: CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouch MARVELLOUS NETWORK: marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM:
  • CEO of British Beauty Council: THIS will replace BOTOX and FILLERS! THIS new TECH is “CANCELING AGE”! We give £25 BILLION a year to the economy! Millie Kendall

    In this episode of "Exhibit A," Abbey Clancy sits down with Millie Kendall, CEO of the British Beauty Council and a leading figure in the beauty industry. Millie shares her journey from washing hair in her father's salon at age 13 to founding the British Beauty Council. She discusses her previous success with the makeup brand Ruby & Millie, the challenges and triumphs in her career, and her views on the importance of the beauty industry. Millie talks about the evolution of beauty standards, the significance of innovation, and the need for regulation in aesthetics. The conversation also touches on her advocacy for the industry's recognition by government bodies, her personal philosophy on feminism, and her thoughts on the future of beauty.
  • The TRUTH about THE PILL, How Your Mental Health Effects Your PERIODS, Dr. Anita Mitra

    Remember to FOLLOW if you liked this Episode. It's one free and simple way to support this show and help us get bigger and better. In this episode of "Exhibit A," host Abbey Clancy sits down with Dr. Anita Mitra, popularly known as the "Gynae Geek," a specialist in gynaecology and women's health. Dr. Mitra shares her journey and inspiration behind her work, focusing on making complex gynaecological topics accessible and less intimidating. Dr. Mitra emphasises the importance of understanding and normalising discussions about women's health. They delve into the nuances of the menstrual cycle, the misconceptions about periods, the challenges of conditions like endometriosis and PCOS, and the impact of lifestyle choices on gynaecological health. Dr. Mitra provides valuable advice on seeking medical help and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to support gynaecological well-being.FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashow FACEBOOK: ABBEY CLANCY: INSTAGRAM: ANITA MITRA CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouch MARVELLOUS NETWORK: marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM:
  • 2 Michelin Star Chef: ADDICTED to being told I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, Tom Sellars

    Remember to SUBSCRIBE if you liked this video. It's one free and simple way to support this show and help us get bigger and better. In this episode of "Exhibit A," Abbey Clancy sits down with Tom Sellers, the twice Michelin-starred chef and owner of the renowned Restaurant Story in London. Tom shares his journey from a working-class background in Nottingham to the pinnacle of the culinary world. He discusses his early influences, the challenges of opening his first restaurant, and the invaluable lessons learned from working with legendary chefs like Thomas Keller and René Redzepi. Tom also reflects on the importance of self-belief, the sacrifices made for success, and his dedication to fostering a culture of excellence within his team. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that delves deep into the mind of a chef who continues to push the boundaries of gastronomy.FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashow FACEBOOK: ABBEY CLANCY: INSTAGRAM: SELLERS CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouch MARVELLOUS NETWORK: marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM:
  • Growing up with GORILLAS, The Dark Side of Zoos, Freya Aspinall

    Remember to FOLLOW if you liked this video. It's one free and simple way to support this show and help us get bigger and better. In this episode of Exhibit A, Abbey speaks with influential conservationist and model, Freya Aspinall. Freya is renowned for her efforts in animal conservation and rewilding, having successfully reintroduced nearly 2,000 animals back into the wild. The conversation delves into Freya’s unique upbringing surrounded by exotic animals, her daily routine at the animal sanctuary, and her passionate mission to transform the fate of animals in captivity. They discuss the ethical dilemmas of zoos, the process of rewilding animals, and the stark differences between conservation and breeding for entertainment. Freya shares her scariest encounters with wild animals and her experiences raising and releasing animals. She also highlights the importance of public awareness and social media in promoting conservation efforts.FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashow FACEBOOK: ABBEY CLANCY: INSTAGRAM: ASPINALL:INSTAGRAM FOUNDATION CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouch MARVELLOUS NETWORK: marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM:
  • 7 STEPS to CHANGE your LIFE forever, “Manifestation saved my life” Roxie Nafousi

    Roxie, a best-selling author of three transformative books on manifestation, shares her insights on harnessing the power of the mind to create the life you desire. From her rocky beginnings and struggles with addiction to her inspiring journey of self-discovery and empowerment, Roxie delves into the practical steps of manifesting. Abbey and Roxie discuss overcoming self-doubt, practicing gratitude, setting healthy boundaries, and turning envy into inspiration. They also explore effective techniques like positive affirmations, vision boards, and breathing exercises to cultivate a positive mindset. FOLLOW EXHIBIT A:INSTAGRAM: @exhibitashow  FOLLOW ABBEY CLANCY: INSTAGRAM: THE THERAPY CROUCH:INSTAGRAM: @thetherapycrouch  MARVELLOUS NETWORK: marvellousclub.comINSTAGRAM: