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The OG Brotherhood of Death: The Secret History of the Koryos w/ Henry Hablak & Recluse

Season 2

Koryos, Mannerbund, Proto-Indo Europeans, PIEs, pre-WWII view of PIEs, modern view of PIEs, Nazism, views on historic PIE culture, entheogens, similarities to Koryos chiefs & shamans, Krasnosamarskoe, sacrifice, animal sacrifice, dogs, PIE religion, spread of PIE culture via Koryos, association of Koryos with the dead, Halloween, longstanding ties between Koryos & wolves, the Wild Hunt, Koryos as an instrument of defusing intergenerational tension between younger and older men, Ephebos, Athens, Krypteia, Sparta, ancient Rome, Lupercalia, Arcadia, werewolf mythos, Pan Lykaios, Zeus Lykaios, Apollo Lykaios, wolf god of Rome & Greece, Faunus, Pan originally a wolf god, Fianna, Celtic mythology, role playing games, RPGs, Koryos in RPGs, dark connections to RPGs, The Cult of Prax, Greg Stafford, Glorantha, Steve Perrin, Society for Creative Anachronisms, Church of All World, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Leonard Lake, Walter Breen, Paul Doer, Zodiac killer, Skull and Bones, Mormonism, early Mormonism as modern Koryos, fundamentalist Mormonism as continuation, special operations forces, Joint Special Operations Command, Green Berets, US Special Operations Command

After first music break (3:30): Background of Koryos

Second music break (30:22): Historical examples of Koryos

Third music break (1:08:23): Modern manifestations of the Koryos

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

Additional Music: Corwin Trails

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Monday, May 29, 2023

Asheville & It's Mysteries: Castles, Cults, Cryptids & White Wolves w/ Tadd McDivitt & Recluse

Season 2
Asheville, North Carolina, Haunted Asheville, Cherokee, Scots- Irish, fairies/little people, underground civilizations, drum circles, quartz deposits, Somerset, Kentucky, Penny Royal, the relationship between quartz & high weirdness, the Vanderbilt family, New York blue bloods & Asheville, William Dudley Pelley, Silver Shirts, Soulcraft, Pelley's headquarters & publisher at Asheville, Theosophy, Sirius, the Business Plot, the Vanderbilt family's role in the Business Plot, Asheville's castles, Seely's Castle, Pentecostals, the Zealandia, Helen's Bridge, the Biltmore, the "Halloween Room," séances, Black Mountain College, Roy Johnson, Buckminster Fuller, surrealism, Asheville's art/New Age scene, Asheville's underground tunnels, Asheville's fairy houses, Buncombe County Jail cryptid, the Asheville imp, Satanic cults, rumors of Asheville cults, cults at Seely's Castle & Biltmore, cult activity in Asheville, White Wolf, Vampire: The Masquerade, Kentucky vampire cult, Rod Ferrell, vampire LARPingAfter 1st musical break (5:10): Asheville's original inhabitants, drum circles, quartz deposits. It's links to William Dudley Pelley and the Business Plot eraAfter 2nd musical break (45:15): the castles of Asheville: Seely's, Zealandia & Biltmore + Black Mountain College and the city's underground tunnelsAfter 3rd musical break (1:16:35): Asheville's cryptids & cults + Tadd's time working for White Wolf when the Kentucky vampire cult struck (the Rod Ferrell murders)Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: "Even the Dead Shall Sing Again" by Stone Breath
Monday, May 22, 2023

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part VI w/ Edmund Berger & Recluse

Season 2
Project Hammer, private military companies, private intelligence companies, Far West Ltd., Africa, plots to destabilize Africa, Apartheid South Africa, Eugene de Cocke, death squads, Civilian Cooperation Bureau (CCB), the Wonga Coup, Equatorial Guinea, Frederick Forsyth, Dogs of War, Spain, UK, People's Republic of China, Spanish/British/Chinese/South African support for coup, Executive Outcomes, Simon Mann, Tony Buckingham, Angola, Ely Calil, 2004 Madrid bombings, 2004 Spanish election, 2004 US election, Wonga's influence on 2004 Western elections, Eeben Barlow, Mark Thatcher, Sean Clearly, Strategic Concepts, World Economic Forum, Halliburton, Diligence LLC, Aegeis International, Erinys international, Tim Spicer, Viktor Karpukhin, KGB, Alpha forces, Defense Services Limited, Alistair Morrison, Kroll, Military Technical Services, Tai Minnaar, chemical and biological weapons, CBWs, Project Coast, South African PMCs smuggling CBWs, anthrax, role anthrax played in run up to and immediate aftermath of 9/11, Larry Ford, Steve Hatfill, Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC, Robert Gates, Meteoric Tactical Solutions, Lafras Luitingh, Saracen International, Erik Prince, Viktor Bout, Germany, Frankfurt, Bridge International, nuclear smuggling, Ukraine, Hoover Institute, Stanford, Peter Thiel, Palantir, "The Odessa Network," Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS), Putin, Sergey Kurginyan, Dick Cheney, Rosvooruzhenie, Ukrspetsexport, Igor Urbansky, Kaalbye Shipping, Iran, nukes smuggled to Iran & China, Sudan, Darfur, arms trafficking, Somalia, Somalian pirates, collaboration between Far West network & South Africa PMCs in Gulf of Aden, Project Hammer as funding for off-the-books nuclear/CBW program C4ADS report on Far West nuke smuggling: efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/"Secret History of International Fascism Part V": social has a lot of compelling information directly related to this topic. Strongly recommended as a primer. Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: J Money Bag$
Monday, May 8, 2023

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part V w/ Edmund Berger & Recluse

Season 2
Project Hammer, money launder, Golden Lily, Yamashita's Gold, Black Eagle Trust, Daniel Vincent Hughes Jr, Howard Hughes, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Irving S. Shapiro, Du Pont family, links between David Vincent Hughes & Project Hammer, South Africa, Rolf van Rooyen, Riaan Stander, South African National Intelligence Agency, Erle Cocke Jr., Shriners, Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ), SMOM vs SOSJs and which one Cocke belonged to, Douglas MacArthur, Council on Foreign Relations, American Legion, Paul Helliwell, Castle Bank & Trust, Nugan Hand, Michael Hand, US Army Special Forces, Green Berets, special operations forces mafia, "The Company," Theodore Shackley, Edwin Wilson, Richard Secord, Thailand, John Singlaub, drug trafficking, Laos, Golden Triangle, Citibank, Bank of New York, PROMIS, tracking Russian funds, Putin's financiers, South Africa's role in Project Hammer, why Project Hammer is NOT the Golden Lily or Black Eagle Trust, why Golden Lily is disinformation, Robert Maxwell's links, Executive Outcome, Eeben Barlow, Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah. Dr, Zedan, attempts to entrap Barlow in money laundering, 9/111st musical break (6:40): Project Hammer overview, David Vincent Hughes Jr., the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Du Pont family2nd musical break (21L40): the banks linked to Project Hammer & Vincent Hughes; Peter Seaman, South Africa's dynamic duo3rd musical break (41:00): the ultimate Erle Cocke Jr. deep dive: Shriners, Maltese knights, American legionaries, drug trafficking, money laundering and more!4th musical break (1:18:40): Why Project Hammer is NOT the Golden Lily and why Golden Lily is mostly disinformation5th musical break (1:41:00): Robert Maxwell's links to Project Hammer & Executive Outcome's Eeben Barlow and his strange encounters with the Saudis during Hammer's exposure & 9/11 Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Corwin Trails
Monday, May 1, 2023

Immersive Art, Magical Realism & the Future w/ Jeff Hull & Recluse

Season 2
Jejune Institute, The Institute, Dispatches from Elsewhere, the Latitude Society, In Bright Axiom, Jeff Hull, alternate reality games (ARGs), immersive art, Rosicrucianism, the Whitechapel Club, the Fortean Society, the Cacophony Society, Suicide Clubs, press clubs, social upheaval, humor as a teaching tool and path of enlightenment, Western forms of Taoism and Sufism, New Thought, The Secret, actions vs thoughts, group encounters, magical realism, the magic of place, manifesting the incredible, the encroachment of capital on open places, the closing of the weird commons, genre fiction, tropes, Museum of Jurassic Technology, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, The X-Files, fiction as a means of transformation, nonfiction metanarrative, changing the narrative, magical nonfiction, the breakdown of society and what comes nextNote: I confused two separate X-Files episodes, season 2's "Firewalker" and season 6's "Field Trip." The former dropped in 1994 while the later appeared in 1999. The Museum of Jurassic Technologies was founded in 1988, but it wasn't originally based in Culver City. Lawrence Weschler's acclaimed account of the museum, Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonders, appeared in 1995. By the time Weschler began exploring the museum, it was based out of Culver. An early display recounting a genus of fungus dubbed Tomentellawas alleged to leave West African ants known as Megaloponera foetens dead with spores protruding from their bodies. Death came after the fungus consumed the ant's brain and nervous system, leaving only a spike-like protrusion out of the creature's head. "Firewalker" most closely resembles this exhibit and the timeframe seems to allow for the X-Files writing staff to explore the museum during this era. After first musical break (4: 10): an epic rundown of the influences behind immersive art and ARGs: Rosicrucianism, the Whitechapel Club, Suicide Clubs, the Fortean Society, Discordianism, Operation Mindfuck, the Cacophony Society. Also, the magic of place and the encroachment of capital: Can magical spots be preserved for the curious? After second musical break (40: 45): The Secret vs actions; magical mystery tours; death and rebirth of personality; manifesting the incredible; Jeff's "the Warp Zone experience" After the third break (1:03: 00): Magical realism, subverting genre fiction a la Lynch & Kubrick; art and self-discovery; human potential, self-help & group encounters; the Museum of Jurassic Technology; the projection of magical spots throughout; the metaphysics of The X-FilesAfter the fourth break (1: 32: 16): The breakdown of consensus reality: When the weird turn pro, what does everyone else do? Plus, the Non-fiction metanarrative; or magical nonfiction? Music by: Keith Allen Dennis music taken from Daniel Dutton's The Faun
Monday, April 17, 2023

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part IV w/ Edmund Berger, Senate & Recluse

Season 2
World Anti-Communist League, WACL, Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, Saudi links to 9/11, Saudi links to Far West, Safari Club, World Commerce Corporation, Ricardo Sicre, Julian Amery, al-Qaeda, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Balkans, Bruce Rappaport, Robert Maxwell, Simeon Mogilevich, Bank of New York (BoNY), bizarre activity of BoNY on 9/11, Kroll, Great Ruble Scandal, John P. O'Neill, ALEC Station, CIA's role in 9/11 happening, FBI/CIA conflict, Adnan Khashoggi, 1999 Khashoggi villa meeting, Russian Apartment bombings, Hoover Institute, John Dunlap, Stanford, role Stanford/Hoover have played in framing Far West narrative, psychological warfare, Putin, Putin's rise in relation to Russian apartment bombings. First musical break (7:20): Saudi/Far West/al-Qaeda ties; lineage with the World Commerce Corporation & Safari Club; Bruce Rappaport & Simeon Mogilevich's 9/11 ties Second musical break (39:10): Bank of New York & 9/11; the role of Kroll in 9/11, Great Rubble Scandal, etc; the John P. O'Neill enigmaThird musical break (54:40): the Khashoggi villa meeting of Far West directors prior to 9/11 & Russian apartment bombings; the role Stanford/Hoover Institute have played in framing the narrative around Far West; the Russian apartment bombingsMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Corwin Trails
Monday, April 10, 2023

Cults, Christian Identity, Synanon: An Inherent Vice Deep Dive w/ JJ Vance & Recluse

Season 2
"Inherent Vice," Thomas Pynchon, Pynchon family, Massachusetts Bay Colony, J.P. Morgan, Roosevelt family, Theodore Roosevelt, Long Island, Oyster Bay, Kirkpatrick Sale, Richard Farina, J.D. Salinger, US Navy, differences between novel and film version of "Inherent Vice," Paul Thomas Anderson, Scientology, "The Master," Jeremy Blake, Theresa Duncan, Scientology gangstalking & harassment, the Phoenix family, Jaaquin Phoenix, John Brolin, Brolin family, Michael Z. "Mickey" Wolfmann, Clyde E. Toberman, Toberman as Wolfmann, Toberman's support for Christian Identity theology, William Potter Gale, Gerald L.K. Smith, Mormonism, FBI, Howard Hughes, Mormon mafia, Phillip Vannatter, Tom Lange, Charles Manson, Tate-LaBianca murders, Wonderland murders/four on the floor murders, Roman Polanski, OJ Simpson, sovereign citizen movement, Admiralty Law, common law, Marlon Brando, the FBI as a front of the Mormon church, Manson as Christian identity adherent, Aryan Brotherhood, Manson family as right wing militia, COINTELPRO, Topanga Canyon, Owensmouth, Crocker family, Manson's attorney, Chryskylodon, Ojai, Esalen, Krotona, Annie Besant, Rosicrucianism, theosophy, gifted program, gifted kids, Lewis Terman, Synanon, Monarch School, drug rehab centers as cults, occult/mystical references in film/novel, Doc & Bigfoot as same person, Doc as mind control victim, Doc/Bigfoot as CIA asset, MHCHAOS, FBI vs CIA, MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKEFirst musical interlude: background to the film/novelSecond musical interlude: a parapolitical discussion of filmThird musical interlude: mysticism and mind control speculationMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis