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The Farm Podcast Mach II

More Patriot Games w/ Kirk Lyons, Dr. Wendy Painting, George from CAVDEF & Recluse

Season 2

Kirk Lyons, Oklahoma City bombing, PATCON, Waco, FBI, Andreas, Strassmeir, Civil War Reenactment, Gettysburg, Louis Beam, Fort Smith sedition trial, how Lyons became involved with Fort Smith, Mexico, Covenant Sword & Arms of the Lord (CSA), Elohim City, James Ellison, Robert Millar, how Lyons met Strassmeir, Vincent Petruskie, the Nazi connections in Strassmeir's family, how Strassmeir arrived at Elohim City, Strassmeir's relationship with Ellison, Strassmeir's alleged links to German intelligence (i.e. BND, GSG9, etc), Strassmeir's relationship with Carol Howe, Texas Light Infantry, Civilian Material Assistance (CMA),Strassmeir's links to Texas Light Infantry, Strassmeir and the Lady Godiva incident, Timothy McVeigh's alleged call to CAUSE the day before the bombing, Dave Holloway, Strassmeir's flight from the US after the bombing, the questions surrounding Strassmeir's visas and passports, John Doe #2, 9/11, possible links to 9/11 and OKC bombing, Kirk's take on PATCON, Kirk's role in Waco siege, Branch Davidians, Kirk's role in Ruby Ridge, Kirk's role in the Montana Freemen standoff, 20th Special Forces Group, Sovereign Order of Saint John, American Pistol and Rifle Association (APRA), McVeigh and APRA

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

Additional Music: Waylon Jennings

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  • Jung and the Archetypes at War w/ Dr. Cherlyn H.T. Jones & Recluse

    Carl Jung, Jungian psychology, archetypes, how Jung is perceived in modern day psychiatry, the rise of pharmaceutical cures to mental illness, Freud, Anna Freud, how Jung can be used to treat veterans, the military's view on Jung, the divide between military culture and mainstream America, PTSD, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), how TMS can be used to successfully treat PTSD in veterans, Human Terrain Systems (HTS), special operations forces, anthropology, the weaponization of anthropology, HTS in Afghanistan, the issues with HTS, General Michael Flynn, Flynn's interest in HTS, the possibility of weaponized anthropology being used against the American public, QAnon, the shaman archetype, the benefits for veterans in embracing the shaman archetype, World War One (WWI), the psychic trauma of WWI, a Jungian view on WWI, the American Civil War, ongoing trauma from the Civil War in America, how the Jungian archetypes operate in today's geopolitical cesspool, sustainability, food security, Cherlyn's current work, Landnám WarriorCherlyn's website: by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Jung, Twin Peaks & Synchromysticism: A Northern Exposure Love Letter w/ Laura Shapiro & Recluse

    "Northern Exposure," film/TV, pop culture, 1990s, "Northern Exposure'''s legacy/influence, Pacific Northwest, Joshua Brand, Jeff Falsey, Jeff Melvoin "Twin Peaks," is "Northern Exposure" set in the same universe as "Twin Peaks," Carl Jung, Jungian psychology, Theosophy, magical realism, "Northern Exposure" vs "Twin Peaks," David Lynch, Mark Frost, "One Hundred Years of Solitude," Jungian archetypes, The Double in "Northern Exposure," The Shadow, Judaism, "Northern Exposure" and the Jewish experience in America, Judaism's influence on "Northern Exposure," metaphysics, Native Americans, shamans, synchromysticism, origins of synchromysticism, Robert Anton Wilson, James Shelby Downard, the influence of "Northern Exposure" on the synchromystical movement, community, Arcadia, community as a state of mind, why "Northern Exposure" still matters, "Northern Exposure" as a model of the 21st century communityMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Matt Baldwin
  • Blackwater and the Future of PMCs w/ Morgan Lerette & Recluse

    Blackwater, private military companies (PMCs), mercenaries, founding of Blackwater, Erik Prince, Blackwater's role in Iraq, DynCorp, the rivalry between DynCorp and Blackwater, DynCorp in Kosovo, Enrique Prado, Blackwater in Afghanistan, Blackwater's possible links to death squads, prostitution, drug trafficking, how the use of PMCs in Iraq and Afghanistan changed the role of civilians in combat, British PMCs, David Stirling, Watchguard International, Executive Outcome, Africa, Wagner, how Wagner differs from Blackwater, the Wagner coup, can a Wagner-style coup happen in the US, how PMCs will be affected by the 2024 US presidential election, the future of PMCsMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • The Secret History of Environmentalism Part II w/ Doc Inferno & Recluse

    environmentalism, Green Peace, Sierra Club, Findhorn Fellowship, Scotland, ecovillages, Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Glen Canyon, Earth First, Abbey's links to Earth First, Black Mesa Society, David Foreman, Foreman's views on humanity, Foreman's relationship with Earth First, Earth First's appropriation of Native American themes, Earth First's interactions with the labor movement, the Wobbleys, Starhawk, neo-paganism, Starhawk's links to Earth First, Starhawk's role in politicalizing the modern neo-pagan movement, Paul Watson, Sea Shepherds, green anarchism, green theater, Invisible Committee and Tarnac Nine, Pentti Linkola, eco-fascism, Individualists Tending to the Wild, Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, Kaczysnki's criticism of militant environmental movement, the 1985 Rainbow Warrior ship incident, French intelligence, Judi Bari, FBI, "Green Scare," Operation BackfireMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: J Money
  • The Secret History of Environmentalism Part I w/ Doc Inferno & Recluse

    Environmentalism, Harry Caudill, Appalachia, strip mining, deep ecology, pantheism, panpsychism, Biocentrism vs Anthropocentrism, pacifism vs violence in environmentalism, primalism and primitivism, Luddites, eco-extremists, Gaia hypothesis, Mary Midgley, Transcendentalism, John Muir, Mormonism, Bureau of Land Reclamation, spiritual dynamics in environmental debate, population control, Aldo Leopold, Sierra Club, GreenpeaceMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: J Money
  • Pirates of the Radio w/ Orion St. Peter & Recluse

    pirate radio, Radio Caroline, Ronan O'Rahilly, Radio Luxembourg, Lord Haw-Haw, propaganda, John Amery, Julian Amery, Leopold Amery, MI5, William Joyce, 1964 General Election in UK, Harold Macmillan, Profumo scandal, Harold Wilson, Tory party, Lord Boothby, Kray Twins, organized crime, Mayfair Set, Clermont Club, Thomas Corbally, Philadelphia mob, Meyer Lansky, gambling, Caroline Kennedy, IRA, Herbert W. Armstrong, British Israelism, Christian Identity theology, Worldwide Church of God, The World Tomorrow, William Potter Gale, LA area, "The Puppets," oil rights, offshore drilling, Radio London, Radio Atlanta, Gordon McLendon, Jack Ruby, Candy Barr, Office of Naval Intelligence, Columbia pictures, John Peel, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, 1968 King/Mountbatten plot, MC5s, James Bond, The Beatles, Apple, Cool Britannia, rebranding of British EmpireMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: Albert Bouchard
  • The Fortean Specter Over Sci-Fi w/ Tanner F. Boyle & Recluse

    Charles Fort, Fort's influence on science fiction, Theodore Dreiser, "maybe-fiction," alternate reality games (ARGs), The Blair Witch Project, The House of Leaves, weird fiction, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Heinlein, Golden Age of Science Fiction, John W. Campbell, Fort's influence on "hard science fiction," Ray Palmer, Tiffany Thayer, The Outer Limits, Star Trek, N. Meade Layne, Arthur C. Clarke, the Shaver Mysteries, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, surrealism, Forteanism as an American/literary form of surrealism, virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive experiences, QAnon, Discordianism, Forteanism's influence on DiscordianismMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: The Octopus
  • Invoking the Blair Witch w/Colin Kerris & Recluse

    Blair Witch Project, found footage genre, blurring of reality, Eduardo Sánchez, Daniel Myrick, Black Hills, Burkittsville, Maryland, high weirdness before and after movie, Blair Witch Project II: Book of Shadows, Joe Berlinger, Paradise Lost, college professors embedded in paranormal groups, mind control, Blair Witch IIIMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis