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Picasso Tadpoles: Michael Levin on the 'Dark Matter' of Biology

Dr. Michael Levin of Tufts University crosses many disciplines: computer science, embryo development, cancer and tumor research; limb regeneration; evolutionary theory and neural networks. If you watch some of Michael's fascinating talks at https://ase.tufts.edu/biology/labs/levin/research/presentations.htm he'll take you down his magical rabbit hole including worms that grow new heads when you cut them in half, tumors that heal themselves and eyes planted on tails that actually work. In this interview, Michael explodes the myth that "we've got it mostly figured out." The truth is closer to 1% understanding and 99% is Dark Matter. Discover Michael's research at https://allencenter.tufts.edu/our-team/michael-levin/ and http://www.drmichaellevin.org.

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