Evolution 2.0


High-Speed Evolutionary Mechanisms in Cancer Cells—Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Them?- Rich Jacobs

Today I don’t have a guest, but what I do have is a really excellent PDF submitted to me by a

Perry Marshall. Perry, has been a really successful marketer, I’ve been following him for

12 years, he has been doing it for maybe, close to 20 years. He started off teaching Google

AdWords, Google Pay-Per-Click, and moved on to Facebook advertising, and eventually, I started

hearing from him that he was studying evolutionary biology and I read his book, Evolution 2.0. It

brought out a lot of super interesting topics in biology that I just didn’t know about and it was

part of my inspiration to do the podcast as well and to this day, having done almost 3,000

interviews, I credit Perry and Evolution 2.0 for kind of getting me started on the path. So Perry

now has been working on cancer, not directly but he is working on helping to promote a new

and what I think is probably a better understanding of cancer and as you know, if you are a

listener of this podcast, I am getting close to finishing my book on cancer....



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