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Born at 27 weeks - Katie Keogh

Season 2, Ep. 8

Born at 27 weeks weighing just 390 grams, Charlotte Keogh is Ireland's smallest surviving premature baby and one strong girl. Here our host Sinead O'Moore talks to her incredible mum Katie Keogh about their resilience, strength, courage and fighting spirit.

Katies journey began in 2017 when at her 20 week scan with her first baby Vincent, she learned that he was experiencing restricted growth and he wasn’t measuring as expected. It became clear very quickly that Vincent wouldn’t survive and at 27 weeks Katie delivered her little boy sleeping in to this world. 


After needing some much needed time out to care for her own mental health, Katie was ready to try again and with much more knowledge and early intervention this time round the team at The National, Maternity Hospital in Dublin were able to keep this baby safe until the decision was made, again at 27 weeks that they had to deliver Charlotte to save her life. 


Charlotte is a survivor, just like her parents who sat by her side for weeks on end and credit the incredible heroes of the National Maternity Hospital for having their healthy little girl thriving today.


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