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Eurovision Legends is the podcast where Emil Löfström invites songwriters, artists and other important people from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest. How did the songs originate, what happened behind the scenes, w
Latest Episode4/14/2021

Julie & Ludwig

They met when they sang backup for Times Three in 1999, and then they were on.In 2003 they took to the front of the stage as a duo but were beaten by the song that they agree is the worst song that Malta has ever sent. We are of course talking about Julie Zahra and Ludwig Galea, or as we know them, Julie & Ludwig.The year after they finally won the ticket to Eurovision with a song about themselves, written by Philip Vella and produced by Ralph Siegel, the memorable "On Again... Off Again..."In Istanbul they realized that the life of a Eurovision participant wasn't as free and glamourous as they thought when they discovered that they couldn't even go for a walk or to the toilet without bodyguard protection, and that they weren't allowed to do ''it'' in their shared hotel bed (they were certainly ON at the time) in order to stay sharp for their performance.Julie and Ludwig remember their performance well and tell us about all the funny quirks that happened, and without revealing too much we can just state that Ludwig was certainly no Britney Spears, neither when it comes to his styling nor his dancing abilities.We also learn what has happened since, and can easily realize that since both of them are now with other people and have kids, they are most certainly off, but stay good friends.Legends: Julie Zahra & Ludwig GaleaSong: On Again...Off AgainHost:Emil LöfströmContact:emil@schlagervannerna.seInstagramFacebookhttp//