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Felicity & Megan - Breaking Insurance Stereotypes

Season 1, Ep. 30

Sam sits down with Megan and Felicity, both participants in the Zurich graduate scheme, who are also the creative minds behind the TikTok page ‘The Life Of A Grad’. With over 10,000 likes, the duo aims to challenge prevailing insurance stereotypes and promote the potential of insurance careers to young professionals. Through ‘The Life Of A Grad’, they also document their own career journey, offering a personal touch to their advocacy for the insurance sector.


They share their experiences surrounding their growing TikTok page, discussing the steps they took outside their comfort zones to generate content, and the learning curve involved in managing the account.


Addressing the branding issue insurance encounters with young students, Sam, Megan, and Felicity delve into possible solutions to increase awareness. They highlight the merits of working in insurance and the array of departments available, suggesting a broad scope of opportunities for everyone.


Through their TikTok platform, Megan and Felicity provide a fresh perspective on insurance careers, offering insights to young professionals on the diverse career options in the industry. This episode highlights their effort to use modern digital platforms as a bridge to connect with the traditional insurance sector, aiming to make insurance careers more accessible and appealing to a younger audience.


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    Sam talks with Joanna Hitchcock, Underwriting Manager at AIG about her exceptional career path, marked by five promotions in seven years, her ventures in international roles, and her fearless approach to stepping out of her comfort zone.With less than a decade in the insurance industry, Joanna's rise to success is impressive. Uncover the key factors driving her achievements, from her unwavering determination to her passion for tackling challenges head-on.Sam talks to Joanna about her international relocations to Paris and Dubai, and the obstacles she faced along the way. Joanna talks about the experience and broader industry insights she gained during these periods and how she embraced and learned from the challenges presented by new cultural environments.Joanna Hitchcock's journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of resilience, adaptability, and embracing opportunities. Listen to this episode to gain invaluable insights for your own career development and growth.Joanna’s LinkedIn:
  • 27. Mike Burle - Head of Marine & Deputy Active Underwriter at Liberty Specialty Markets

    Sam talks with Mike Burle, Head of Marine & Deputy Active Underwriter at Liberty Specialty Markets, in an engaging conversation that explores various aspects of the insurance industry. With 30 years of experience, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the discussion.Beginning the conversation, Sam delves into Mike's journey and how he entered the insurance field. They uncover some of the milestones that led him to his current role, highlighting experiences that helped shaped his career.Sam and Mike delve into the qualities that define a ‘good boss’ in the insurance industry. Mike shares his perspective, emphasising the importance of a growth mindset and continuous personal development, which are vital for progressing in this rapidly evolving industry.Peering behind the curtains of a large corporate insurer, Mike offers valuable insights into the inner workings of such organisations. Mike unravels some of the intricacies and complexities of the industry, providing a unique perspective on navigating its challenges.Reflecting the digital age, Mike shares his chosen word of the year: "Visibility." He underscores the significance of maintaining an active online presence and how it can positively impact professional growth and opportunities within the insurance industry.Mike offers his opinion on the future of working in insurance and the future of Lloyds marketplace, providing a glimpse into the potential transformations and innovations that lie ahead.Drawing from his experience, Mike imparts invaluable advice on progressing and thriving in insurance careers. His wisdom and expertise serve as a valuable resource, providing practical strategies for professional growth and advancement in this dynamic industry.LinksPodcasts mentioned: links mentioned that we hope you find interesting: