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Reloaded | Dr Rangan Chatterjee on approaching weight loss with compassion.

This episode was originally published in Jan 2021.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee makes a welcome return to the podcast for a conversation about weight loss. While it’s that time of year when we’re bombarded with messaging about ‘new year, new you’ and so many prompts about going on a diet and starting a new fitness regime this episode definitely isn’t that.

@drchatterjee shares his insights from nearly 20 years in GP practice and those appointments where his patients have said, ‘I just can’t seem to lose weight’. What Rangan observed is that so many people were only looking at diet and exercise when, in actual fact, there are more factors at play.

Rangan supports his expertise from years in practice and scientific research with his signature approach, which is one of compassion. It’s this approach that has helped him guide patients towards their goals and now readers of his new book Feel Great, Lose Weight.

In our conversation @drchatterjee and I discuss:

  • The emotional relationship we have with our bodies, food and fitness.
  • The controversial topic of ‘food addiction’.
  • Why you can be trying your very best to be healthy and fall short for reasons that aren’t your fault.
  • How to break down your health goals so they become enjoyable pursuits not another stick to beat yourself with.
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your bathroom scales.
  • Why how we talk to ourselves is a crucial part of our progress.
  • How our emotional baggage and childhood experiences can influence our weight; and so much more....

I am acutely aware that the subjects of weight and weight loss can be difficult ones to approach because the relationship we have with these issues tends to be an emotional one. For that reason, we are inclined to see, hear and react to discussion of these issues through that personal emotional filter. 

I don’t want to apologise for my content but I do want to explain; I hope it’s evident I have no intention, when creating any episode of the podcast, to upset, alienate, offend or shame. As much as I’m mindful of this and have wrestled with whether it’s appropriate to create content on weight loss or not, I’ve decided it’s important to have this conversation for the benefit of the person it may help rather than not create it for the person it may potentially offend.

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