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  • 36. Walking the Ed beat w/ Jessie Gomez!

    Chalkbeat Newark Reporter Jessie Gomez joins Stacey and Nick to discuss education news in Newark, her to road to being an education reporter & more. Jessie shares insight on her recent story on the efforts to meet the needs of English Language Learners in a local high school. To check out Jessie's work and the work the writers at Chalkbeat are doing, visit - Jessie’s archive- to receive newsletters from Chalkbeat- out recent stories from Chalkbeat Newark-

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  • 35. About Black History Month

    Black History Month brings up a lot of mixed feelings and questions. What does it say about the U.S. that we need Black History Month? As we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the creation of Black History Month, Patrice, Stacey and Nick discuss the origins, needs and legacy of Black History Month.
  • 34. The truth about school boards w/ Paul Breda

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice welcome Paul Breda to a show, a colleague & fmr. school board member for over 20 years.  Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors for NJ School Boards Association, and he has presented at statewide school board conferences on topics of interest for school board members.  Paul shares with us his experience serving on school boards and how the role of the school board has evolved. 
  • 33. Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez

    Stacey, Patrice & Nick welcome Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez, an educator, author & ACLU Board member to the show, to discuss her extensive work experience in leadership development, diversity, inclusion, and advocacy space. To learn more about Dr. Rodriguez's work, visit: And for more from our show, visit us at episode is brought to you by Kitcaster. To get booked on a podcast today, visit and sign up for free to get started!
  • 32. The future of work & learning w/ Caroline Chubb Calderon

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice welcome in AI futurist and humanist, Caroline Chubb Calderon, to discuss the impact of autonomous and intelligent machines on education, business & society. Caroline breaks down the work she does with visionary leaders on the future of AI, as well as the work her company HelloHumanity does to help reimagine humanity in the age of machines.  For more from our show, visit us at, check out our co-host Stacey on a recent podcast! -
  • 31. Has school become optional?

    Nick & Patrice talk about a recent story in The New Yorker on schooling and if it has become optional for students. Here is the article that Patrice and Nick reference in this episode - "Has School Become Optional?"-from The New Yorker
  • 30. Dealing with loss

    Nick, Stacey & Patrice reflect on loss, as a dear friend and colleague of theirs has passed away. This episode is about us making sense of this loss and recognizing our relationship with grief.  This episode is for anyone who has experienced loss and would like to hear how others process tragedy.