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  • 15. "From Blogger to Millionaire: Gufran Haadi's Guest Posting Journey"

    "From Blogger to Millionaire: Gufran Haadi's Guest Posting Journey"👉In this episode of the GupShup series, we talk to @Ghufran Haadi about the potential scope and benefits of earning dollars through guest posting while sitting in your own country and home. @Ghufran Haadi shares his valuable insights and tips on becoming more proficient in content writing and guest posting with AI tools.💻📈👉We will discuss the various ways to make money through guest posting, and how it has become a popular way for writers and bloggers to earn a decent income from their writing skills. @Ghufran will share his experience and expertise on how to start your journey in guest posting, finding suitable platforms, and getting paid for your services.💸👉Moreover, we will explore how the internet has made it possible for people from any part of the world to earn dollars by providing their services as guest posters. You can work from the comfort of your own home and make a decent living by utilizing your writing skills.🌐👉Join us for an insightful discussion on earning dollars through guest posting and the role of AI tools in content writing and guest posting!👨‍💼

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  • 14. Islam 360 | Biggest Islamic Search Engine | Gupshup#14 | Zahid Hussain Chipha

    👉Welcome to today's episode of the GupShup series where we have a very special guest, @zahid Hussain Chihpa, the founder of the @islam360 app. He is an entrepreneur and also a leading expert in the field of technology, and innovation. In this episode, we will delve into Zahid's life journey, the hurdles he faced, and how he coped with them to reach where he is today. 🌟✅👉Zahid Hussain Chihpa was born and raised in a small village in Karachi Pakistan where he developed a strong passion for technology and education at a young age. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, he pursued his dreams consistently with the aim of never giving up. However, his journey wasn't easy, as he faced financial difficulties and discrimination due to his poor background. 📈📉👉He sold bananas on the cart but never gave up on his passion and went on to launch the @islam360 app, which provides a comprehensive source of information on the Islamic faith. The app has received widespread recognition and has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide. 🌐👉In this episode, we will also learn about the inspirations behind Zahid's app and the challenges he faced while building it. We will hear about his struggles to secure funding and how he persevered through rejection and skepticism from investors. Zahid will also share with us the lessons he learned from his journey and how he overcame the obstacles he faced along the way. 😇💹👉While talking about the appearance of the ads in the app while listening to the recitation, Zahid shakes hands with eCommerce Wala in order to become partners in converting those unwanted random ads into selling some right products while remaining within the boundaries of Shariyah. 🙏✅👉So sit back and join us as we hear from @zahid Hussain Chihpa, the founder of the Islam360 app, on his life journey. 💐👉Watch the Complete Video here: Playlist▶️️:
  • 13. From struggles to growth, an inside look at Enablers with the founder Saqib Azhar | GupShup#13

    انبلرز کے بانی ثاقب اظہر کے ساتھ گفتگو: نوجوانوں کو کیسے بااختیار بنایا جائے؟🤔⁉Watch the Full Video with Chapters here: 👉This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to make a difference in their career and industry as a whole. As we sit down with Saqib Azhar, the founder of Enablers, to discuss his journey in launching the company after identifying and seeing the problems within the country that are a barrier to the growth of the nation. Saqib shares his insights on the difference between local and foreign degrees and how we can break the degree dependency culture and focus on building skills set. 📈👨🏻‍💻✅👉We asked Saqib the reason for providing free courses to the students when they can also sell those courses by charging them a fee. As the success rate for the students who paid for the courses and learned is higher than those who learned for free and most of them gave up in between because our nation never values the thing that is provided to them for free.🚫👎🏻👉Then the discussion went on to how he keeps checking in on students and their progress, on which Saqib told us that a separate team is hired by Enablers who only check on the feedback and progress of the students, which shows their dedication towards their student’s progress.✅📈👉Further talking about the motive of Enablers and plans for building up job portals for Pakistanis. Saqib also shared his experience of working with Indians vs Pakistanis, and how Indians are way better communicators and IT professionals than us Pakistanis.👨🏻‍💻✅👉Talking about the seriousness of the youth and their visions about their careers, they haven't set any specific goals to work towards. Students don't know why they're doing the degrees and wasting their 4 years in universities rather than learning any top of the skills in which they’re interested.🗣👨🏻‍💻👉On asking about how he faced criticism and how much loyalty and trust among the team members help to grow, he discussed all of this in this Gupshup session.✅👉Lastly, we discussed the future plans for Enablers, and future contributions by Enablers that will help the country to grow and succeed, he shared his vision and thoughts with us.👀👉Let’s create a skillful community and network, let’s break barriers of competition with each other, and let’s make Pakistan a wealthy and united nation.🇵🇰
  • 12. Role of women in the youth’s upbringing and evolution of Society👨‍👩‍👦✅ | Saira Shakir | Gupshup#12

    انفرادی اصلاح اور بچوں کی تعلیم و تربیت 👨‍👩‍👦✅👉Society is based on individuals and the actions of those individuals affect the whole community. To tackle any situation or to move towards success, if we only blame others and do not bring change within ourselves, we cannot succeed. It all starts with a single person and how he would manage and take things along, and due to an individual's efforts, he automatically brings positivity to his circle and surroundings. 🤝👥✅👉Talking on the micro level of society, when a couple gets married,👫 they’re not taught and counseled about how to handle life after marriage⁉, what difficulties they could face⁉, how would they parent their child⁉, how would they share the responsibilities and manage their home⁉ etc. and due to the lack of this acknowledgment the divorce ratio is increasing rapidly each day. 📈👉What do you think why all of this happens?⁉Is the society we’re living in responsible for all of this or we as an individual who hasn’t tried to communicate and discuss these sensitive issues are responsible?⁉ The answer is definitely us!‼ Because we lack in our basics and keeping our morals. We try to compare ourselves with everyone out there and focus only on maintaining the materialistic approach that only reflects show-off. 🗣🦾✅👉We have distanced ourselves from our religion and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) that taught us about the way we were supposed to spend each and every aspect of our lives, and when someone tries to go against the nature rules, he’s responsible for all the problems himself. ❌🗣🫵👉An individual builds up a society, when an individual changes, the society automatically becomes better. ✅ A right woman with the support of a right man, who knows his values and responsibilities, who supports her partner in her right decisions, and who appreciates the way she manages their home and children, that woman can lead her part in society very well.👍👉 In the same way, A woman who knows her worth as she is a daughter and while focusing on her career and other professional goals she has to become a mother, and a wife. She has to play a major role in the positive upbringing of her children. If our youth understands these points and understand their roles then this will automatically create a healthy impact on society. 🤝👥✅
  • 11. Worldwide Growth of eCommerce by eCommerce Universities | Dr. Zaar | Podcast#11

    ای کامرس یونیورسٹی کا قیام👉This Saturday, we're again back with a very exciting podcast with a very humble personality Dr. Zaar, who's an Endocrinologist, an extremely broad thinker, and a well-educated businessman who decided to take the nation out of the old ‘brick and motor ' model and introduced a worldwide license of ‘Chamber of eCommerce’. 🌐✅👉In this era of knowledge and information age, we have to decide and set the goals for our future that whether we’ll make the efforts and contributions to our growth or follow the same old path of begging from other countries to run this country. 🇵🇰📈👉Here, Dr. Zaar is telling us his journey of how he introduced the ‘Chamber of eCommerce’ in Pakistan. But due to copyright hurdles, the idea couldn’t stand for so long, but now he is soon going to introduce ‘eCommerce Universities’ not only in Pakistan but worldwide.🌍✅👉Back in the time, the Virtual University in Pakistan was one of the top 10 IT universities in the world, but we couldn’t keep it standing as nobody valued the virtual content in that era. And now the emergence of ‘eCommerce University’ would bring a great change in the up-to-date required knowledge that our nation needs. 👨‍💻👉In further discussion, Dr. Zaar shared details about the university: -Why has he made this university? ⁉-Purpose behind exporting Pakistanis out of the country‼-Exploration of the rest of the whole marketplaces other than Amazon, there’s a lot more to dive into and get. More than what you think! ‼-How this infrastructure will help make money? ⁉And much more.👉So, let’s join Dr. Zaar in his mission, let’s create collective worth, and let’s build Naya Pakistan with eCommerceWala.🇵🇰👉Don't forget to follow our eCommerceWala community group: for more learning and connecting.✅
  • 10 Jewish Business Secrets Explained😲🤝

    یہودیوں کے ایسے ۱۰ کاروباری راز جو آپ کو کامیاب کر سکتے ہیں!😱🔺👉Here comes the most important and most interesting video of all time by Usman Chughtai (eCommerceWala), in which he’s going to reveal the powerful secrets of Jewish businesses that are helping them to run their successful businesses and control the whole economy of the world.👉Why reveal the Jewish secrets?⁉As the economy of the whole world revolves around the Jewish nation. They’re controlling the whole economy of the middle east. All the big companies are run by Jewish investments, and the whole banking system is in the hands of Jews and whatnot!‼👉Behind all of this growing system, there are secrets that are religiously followed by Jews and they never compromise on them at any cost.❌👉Being a Pakistani nation, we’ll see how are we still standing on the same level yet Jewish companies are ruling the whole world and those 10 Jewish secrets are as follows:‼✅1. Commandment to teach their children how to earn a living and how to swim 🏊‍♀💻💵2. Be Honest in all business dealings 🤝3. Have a general, positive relationship with money (money is a tool to be used to build communities, families, and institutions). 👨‍👩‍👦💰4. Help the community 👥5. Give at least 10% of your earnings to charity🤗6. Preferably be an OWNER / BOSS rather than a worker 👨‍💻7. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want to be done to you❌✅8. Keep 1/3 of your money in cash, 1/3 in real estate, and 1/3 in inventory 💵💻9. Take one day off from work every week10. Trust God👉If we start to follow and apply these rules in our personal and professional lives, no power on earth can stop us from progressing and ruling the world.❌✅👉So, let's create collective worth, let's implement the secrets, and let's build Naya Pakistan with eCommerceWala👉Listen to this full video on our YouTube channel:👉Follow our main Facebook page: to learn more about eCommerce and also follow our eCommerceWala group for more learning and connecting.✅
  • 9. Transgender Social Inclusion and Equality | Julie Khan | Podcast#9

    خواجہ سرا اور معاشرے پر اُن کا اثر👉🏻In today’s podcast, we have with us Julie Khan, a Trans-Activist. She is known for being honest and speaking up on social media for the issues such as gang rape, abuse, and violence. 🗣👉🏻From society's response to the birth of transgenders to the acceptance of transgenders in society. From the hardships that transgender face to their influence of them on society, this podcast highlights many important issues that Julie and many other transgenders in this community face. ✅👉🏻Further in this podcast, you’ll get the answers to many things such as - Digital evolution of the jobs in the mindsets of transgenders✅ - Can transgenders become part of this digital world?✅ - Is there any institution that fulfills the actual knowledge requirements?✅ - How can society evolve? and many more. ✅👉🏻We cannot change the thoughts of the whole country, but if we bring change within ourselves on an individual level that would have a huge impact on the whole nation. 🫵🗣👉🏻So let’s learn the secrets of the growing world, let’s give rights to transgenders, and let’s build Naya Pakistan with eCommerceWala 🇵🇰Watch the full Video here: us on Facebook: Join our Facebook community: