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Eating Crow

Episode 64: Lara Jones

Season 3, Ep. 64

Lara Jones is a warrior.

She's a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and a powerful speaker.

She's been to hell and back. Or maybe the footsteps of Heaven.

Lara's story of loss, sheer will, climbing back, and moving forward is tragic, awe inspiring and life changing.

Now she shares her story with others - to help them realize they can recover from loss, climb out of the depths of despair and become better than they every imagined.

Her crucible becomes a beacon for theirs.

Listen to this episode, follow Lara and change your world.

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  • 75. Episode 75: Casey Jacox

    Some people want the ball at the end of the game.They want to take THE shot.Casey Jacox is that guy.He's a quarterback.He's a husband.He's a dad.He's found a way to tie all this together into a mission.To help dad's "quarterback" their lives.I fully support this mission.Quarterbacks start each play with a plan - from a playbook.When they step to the line, the plan makes sense or it doesn't depending on what they see from the defense.Proceed as planned, or call an audible.So goes husbandry.So goes fatherhood.Our plans may not be the right call.We must adapt.Casey and I talk about parenting - how we learned lessons as young men that shaped our approach as fathers.And how we made mistakes and learned from them.That's a solid episode of Eating Crow right there.Follow Casey and his Quarterback Dad's worth it.
  • 74. Episode 74: Jeff Wickersham

    Jeff Wickersham thinks big.He's on a mission to help 1 million dads be better husbands, fathers and leaders of men.Heck, I was just hoping to get yours truly through a workout today :-).Jeff's story is relatable.He's brutally honest about his choices, setbacks and reckoning.He leads by example.He leads his family by owning his past and his future.How many dads can get their family to the gym at 5:30 am?VERY few.Imagine the look on your kid's faces when the walk out of the gym and head to school?They conquer the day. For sure.Be one of the million dads, moms or friends. Be intentional.Be bold.Be better.
  • 73. Episode 73: Greg VanDyne

    Greg VanDyne is one of those rare men who could kill you with one finger but would prefer to offer you a hug or a helping hand.He's experienced things most civilians can only read about.He's a warrior.He's on a mission to help other warriors adjust to a post-military life.He's also building a company that can help anyone struggling with mental health...and I have to say, what they are doing is incredibly cool.Greg is very open about his journey, his challenges and his ongoing battle to find peace of mind. Refreshingly honest - it's a lifelong process and most of us think there is a quick fix, there isn't.I'm a big fan, you should be too.
  • 72. Episode 72: Nat Berman

    Nat Berman has receipts. Boxes of them.His mission is to help other fill their receipt they can create the life they secretly desire but may not know how to build.What's the goal? Financial independence. It's not necessarily wealth, it's the freedom to choose where to invest your time.Nat put in the work - long days, for years, with one goal: To get off the treadmill of corporate life.Now Nat helps others create a plan to be Masters of their Universe (please tell me you have one of these t-shirts, Nat).Nat posts daily on LinkedIn...usually wearing a vintage t-shirt with obscure movie lines or classic culture references.What Nat preaches is not for everyone. Another successful business person posting selfies from his backyard pool (don't forge the cool t-shirts).Don't let the format mislead you. Nat has discovered, after years of posting, how to reach an audience. People who are not willing to do the work don't understand.Nat's just running the same process he used to create financial independence to help others.Seems to make sense.
  • 71. Episode 71: Loren Rosario-Maldonado

    Loren Rosario-Maldonado is brilliant.Intellectually.Emotionally.Instinctively.I'd never considered "Cultural Intelligence" before I met Loren.It makes so much sense.In her book "Becoming the Change: The Power of Cultural Intelligence" she shares her journey and her experiences in building high-performing teams, one human at a time.I found Loren engaging, intuitive, thoughtful and yet practical in her approach to helping people and teams succeed.Read her book, subscribe to her newsletter.It may change the way you think about human capital.
  • 70. Episode 70: Paul Watkins

    This episode is epic.Paul Watkins is a book you should not judge by its cover.He's intelligent.He's well-read.He's thoughtful.He's also intentional.What you may not see at the surface is his penchant for adventure.Extreme adventure.Paul is seeking danger.He's seeking growth.He's seeking development.He's also setting an example for his kids.He wants them to know the world is their oyster - and there for the taking.I find Paul to be one of my favorite guests and humans.He is one of the few people I follow on LinkedIn - consuming his Daily Dose.You should as well.
  • 69. Episode 69: Will Barfield and John Lane

    Will and John are the odd couple.They work well together but couldn't be more different.Will has been in the talent game for some time.John has been a brand builder and marketer for some time as well.They understand how people think, and how they work together - or don't.They've partnered to help companies understand how to build great teams and avoid the wrong mix.How? They get leadership teams on the same page - about what they need and who they are REALLY looking for.Seems logical right?Yet, very few companies truly understand what they are looking for, and what they aren't.Had a blast with this one, hope you enjoy it.
  • 68. Episode 68: Wes Claytor

    Wes Claytor is our first repeat guest.Why?Because Wes' story continues to evolve and needs to be shared.Wes' was one of our best episodes 3 years ago. He is again.He's experienced heartbreak, loss, suffering and pain.He's eaten crow.He used that pain to change his life.As a man, as a husband and as a father.What's amazing, is he's not only sustained this positive change, he's thrived.Wes runs. A lot. Now he runs for others, using his endurance events as a platform to raise money and heal minds and souls.I love this guy.You should too.
  • 67. Episode 67: Kevin Casey

    Kevin Casey was doing it all wrong......selling, that is.He realized traditional selling techniques pushed potential clients away, unintentionally.So he started unselling - a strategy he's now perfected, heck, he's even written a book about it.He's fully transparent about his eating crow moments and how he's completely rethought his approach to selling.Kevin is also the kind of guy you could have a beer (or a few beers) with and lose track of time.Listen to his weekly video tips and sign up for his book, "Unselling"