Eating Crow


Episode 51: Sero Kassabian

Season 3, Ep. 51

Sero Kassabian has found his voice.

When we recorded this episode he was still honing in on his audience. Not any more.

He's calling out single fathers. He's one of them.

He's calling them to be better.

He's calling them to take a stand.

He's calling them to question everything.

He's also there to tell them it's OK to make mistakes.

Sero is a complex dude.

He's seen some things.

He's experienced things most Americans don't understand.

It gives him a perspective that's refreshingly honest and bold.

He's not afraid to put his brand out there. He's also not for everyone.

The world needs more Seros. A lot more.

His "question everything" approach is something we should all consider.

Listen. Learn. Question. Publicly. Repeat.