Eating Crow


Episode 46: Kevin Miller

Season 2, Ep. 46

Kevin Miller is one of the good guys.

His journey from a successful career to drug and alcohol addiction - and back, isn't over. It will never be over.

It's a daily thing.

What makes Kevin special is his openness about addiction - and the fact that it doesn't define you.

He started GR0, a digital marketing company, after meeting his business partner in AA.

They are open about their addictions, recovery and daily battles.

They've created a culture where these struggles are not taboo, they are hoping people discuss them and get help.

I've met people who use their past as a platform for fame.

Not Kevin, he is using his past as a platform for helping others.

His company is growing, so is his message.

Kevin's key takeaway for listeners: Go to and find a local meeting. Go. Listen. Be openminded.