Eating Crow


Episode 27: Jim Loehr

Season 2, Ep. 27

Jim Loehr is well respected and many would consider him wildly successful. Not Jim, he's still learning.

Jim is also a hero of mine. No kidding, a stretch guest for sure.

I've used his book, The Corporate Athlete, as a bible of sorts - rules to live by for employee wellness. It's an honor to have him on the program.

Jim shares how, after 30+ years of research into human performance, his last book, Leading with Character, revealed a new way of thinking about leaders and high-performers. His learnings and teachings about energy, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness are still critical - but it's character that is the leading indicator of performance.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Most leaders never take the time to identify their own core values, instead defaulting to a reflexive form of decision making.
  2. With the right motivation, you can begin to strengthen your character and become a moral and ethical leader capable of creating lasting change.
  3. Even good leaders are vulnerable to corruption. Learn how human evolution and contemporary culture can lead us astray without our even knowing it.

Jim's Eating Crow moments:

  1. Jim eats a bit of crow every day. Through journaling, he reflects on his successes and failures and learns from them.
  2. After 30 years, he smiles when he explains how he had no idea how important character is to leadership and performance.

Enjoy, but have a pen ready, Jim drops some serious knowledge.


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