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Episode 25: David Cooks

Season 1, Ep. 25

David Cooks is the kind of man you want your son to be around.

Heck, he's the kind of person we should all be around.

David is the last episode of Season One of the Eating Crow Podcast.

We could not have picked a better way to end 2020.

David's story is the stuff of movies.

I'm thinking Denzel, maybe Jamie Foxx or the late, great Chadwick Boseman as the right guys to play David.

In his book, "Getting Undressed, from Paralysis to Purpose" he describes his approach to life. The title says it all.

David is highly educated, a successful basketball coach, mentor, leader and man of character.

David received his Master of Business Administration in Finance from Duke University and his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from The University of Wisconsin–Whitewater (trivia, my wife's alma mater - and where we met, that's another story).

His career path includes time spent in Banking, Finance, Education and Athletics.

His ability to overcome obstacles and to achieve success in the face of adversity is what makes his story inspiring and motivating to others.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Perspective is so important. David met someone in his first days in a rehab hospital that changed his view of the world.
  2. Leadership comes in many forms. David coached basketball from a wheelchair in a manner most men could only dream of.
  3. No obstacle is worth crying about. David opened many companies and educational institutions to the need for handicap access. Literally, unapologetically - he showed up and didn't complain, he just "did".

David's Eating Crow Moments:

  1. Getting fired as a coach. I love this part of his story. Despite his persona, results matter and he was the first to admit it.
  2. Asking for help. David has learned the art of asking for assistance in a way that puts people at ease.


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