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Eating Crow

Eating Crow Episode 06: Cris Cohen

Season 1, Ep. 6

Cris Cohen loves music, no he REALLY loves music.

Cris is an accidental entrepreneur and he's far better at it than he knows (he's also pretty humble). Not many people can successfully turn a passion into a career. After dabbling in several different jobs, Cris took an internship at a radio station in LA and the rest is history, or at least part of history.

Cris's crow is of a different variety - he had to look deep at his passion and after a series of "downsizing" events he realized he should gobble up and shift his focus. He also has a voice for radio - not because he doesn't have a face for video, he's handsome enough, in a radio personality sort of way :-).

Cris created Bands to Fans, a business centered around helping musical groups and individual artists develop a presence on social media - with quality and thoughtful content. Music was already changing, but with COVID, a musical act without a way to connect to their audience online simply becomes irrelevant.

Listen how Cris got is first gig (he asked for the order) and learn how it has evolved. He's a joy to have on the program and a first class human.

Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Follow your passion. We've heard it before, but Cris took a crazy leap and is truly happy.
  2. Find your niche. Social media is a big business, so are "podcasts" and video interviews. Cris found a niche that was not being addressed and doubled down.
  3. Be in the moment. How Cris got his first gig was completely spontaneous - but he jumped at the right time. Fear was not an issue and trust me, Cris is not a sales dude - he's got guts and great timing.

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