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Wine Consultant: Beverly Crandon

Season 3, Ep. 15

Beverly Crandon

Ali & Marco welcome wine consultant and sommelier Beverly Crandon to the podcast. Beverly is the wine expert behind various organizations including the not for profit Vinequity and Spice Food & Wine Group. We talk to her about this and more, and Marco has wine scenarios for Beverly where she has to pair the perfect wine.

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [01:00] Ali and Marco talk about wine they had recently.
  • [3:35] Beverly tells us about Spice Food and Wine Group.
  • [5:20] Ali tells about the dessert he makes and how desserts aren’t his thing. 
  • [6:20] Ali tells how we was told that ‘the best wine with Indian food is beer’, and asks Beverly how we get away from that way of thinking.
  • [7:55] Flavour Bridging.
  • [10:29] Beverly talks about how wine was introduced to the world through the Spice Route and the Salve Trade.
  • [15:12] We find out how Beverly was introduced to wine.
  • [17:45] Beverly’s advice on how to approach wine.
  • [19:36] Ali’s Gin bias.
  • [21:20] We find out why it’s important to get more people cross culturally exploring wine. 
  • [22:30] Vinequity 
  • [26:14] Beverly shares her thoughts of being a person of colour in the wine industry.
  • [30:35] Wine pairings with ethnic food.
  • [32:50] Marco’s first scenario: Brunch and red wine.
  • [36:00] Scenario 2: Texas BBQ
  • [37:49] Scenario 4: Poutine
  • [39:06] Ali find out what wine pairs with Butter Chicken.
  • [40:50] Marco goes nuts that Beverly has picked a wine region he knows all too well.
  • [44:00] Beverly and the love she has for wine consulting.

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