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This Breakfast Sandwich is Delicious

Season 3, Ep. 20

This Breakfast Sandwich is Delicious

Marco goes through the Toronto Life Magazine Ten Best Breakfast Sandwiches. Ali Hassan & Marco Timpano discuss what makes a great breakfast sandwich, how can they err and what makes them stand out. Definitely a podcast episode to wake up to. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [00:58] Marco tells of his venture eating Toronto Life’s 10 best Breakfast Sandwiches in the city. 
  • [2:40] What 3 components are most important in a breakfast sandwich .
  • [6:48] Marco goes over the top 10 and his challenges eating the list.  
  • [10:40] Ali suggests trying things twice.
  • [16:40] Marco goes off on why Frittatas don’t belong in a breakfast sandwich. 
  • [18:31] When the Pig Came Home makes it on Marco’s top 3 Breakfast sandwiches in the city.
  • [21:30 Marco’s culinary heart breaks as his wife eats a sandwich without him. 
  • [23:20] The next that makes it in Marco’s top 3 is Emmer.
  • [25:30] Marco’s #1 Breakfast Sandwich: Alma y Gil’s!!
  • [31:40] Ali tells of his favourite breakfast sandwhiches.
  • [42:24] What boozy drink goes best with the Breakfast sandwich? Marco gives his take.

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