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New Year & Holiday episode

Season 3, Ep. 23

Holiday & New Year Epsiode

Marco and Ali celebrate the last episode of the season talking about their traditions and things that are done around the world. Also a look at the New Year and what they both consume over these holidays.

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [02:58] Marco tells of his New Year’s food tradition with his in-laws much to Ali’s dismay.
  • [8:33] Ali suggests what Marco is talking about is actually called “Hoppin’ John” .
  • [11:30] Marco explains the Feast of Saturnalia.  
  • [13:17] Oil Balls.
  • [15:00] Good Luck Pigs. 
  • [17:00] Cotechino con lenticchie
  • [21:30] Ali explains how he kinda celebrates Christmas. 
  • [32:20] Ali talks about Chinese food during the holiday.
  • [34:00] Marco asks Ali what he drinks at the stroke of midnight on New Years. 
  • [38:40] Ali tells us of his son’s Santa list.
  • [39:50] Gifted red underwear for New Years.

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