Early Childhood Policy Matters


Expanding Access to High-Quality Pre-K in Rhode Island

Ep. 18

In this episode we explore new funding models being piloted in Rhode Island in an effort to expand access to high quality pre-K programs. Host Mary Klute joins two state leaders to discuss the pilots, funded with support from the Preschool Development Grants Birth-to-Five initiative, and some recommendations for leaders hoping to fund and expand high-quality programs in states across the country. 

Guests include Kayla Rosen, Director of Early Childhood Strategy with the State of Rhode Island Governor’s Office, and Lisa Nugent, Coordinator of Early Learning with the Rhode Island Department of Education.  

Early Childhood Policy Matters is supported by the National Technical Assistance Center for Preschool Development Grants Birth through Five, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Child Care. 

For episode transcripts and more information visit: https://childcareta.acf.hhs.gov/resource/early-childhood-policy-matters-podcast 


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