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  • 1. Slice & Dice | Adam Bell & No Stone Unturned

    In This Episode:We get to talk with Adam Bell! We get a design commentary about creating a more intimate adventure and touch on TTRPG Design Community.The Game:No Stone UnturnedResources & Links:haveyouplayedthis.comYoutube SeriesItch.ioTwitter

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  • 2. Slice & Dice | Spencer Campbell & The Future of GilaRPG

    In This Episode:We sit down with Spencer Campbell! What do you do when you want to make a second edition of your game? How can we create new forms of monetization for our games? Come check out the episode for the answers!The Games:SlayersLightResources & Links:GilaRPGsItch.ioTwitter
  • 3. Slice & Dice | Tyler Crumrine: Toolkit Games & Community

    In This Episode:We speak With Tyler Crumrine! How can you give back to the community of designers? How do you design a game that's both entertaining and educational? Listen in to find out the answers!Support a great cause by picking up a copy of Tail, Scale + Bone.The Game:Beak, Feather + BoneReach Out To Tyler:Personal
  • 4. Slice & Dice | Adira Slattery & Doing It With Feeling

    In This Episode:What does putting your experiences in your game feel like? What are some insights on creating atmosphere? Adira shares her philosophies with us to help us find the answers.The Game:ChairReach out to Adira:Itch.ioWebsiteTwitterGames Mentioned:Fight Truck | The Tragedy of GJ237b | Nobilest | Jiangshi Blood In The Banquet Hall | Hanukkah Goblins | Descent | Gloomhaven | Kingdom Death Monster | Invisible Sun | Spellchitects | This Discord has Ghosts In It | Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands | Ironsworn | Belonging Outside Belonging | Dark Sentencer | Wander Home | The Machine
  • 5. Slice & Dice | Aaron Lim & Creating From Experience

    In This Episode:It a Jam Packed one where we talk about four games! How do you draw from your personal experiences and put those into a game to be more exploratory through it creation than have the intent to sell? Join us as we find the answers with Aaron.The Games:Student Protectors Of MalaysiaHomebound ZineReach Out To Aaron:Itch.ioTwitterGames Mentioned:Mask | Apocalypse World | Dungeon World | No Dice No Masters | Dream Apart/Dream Askew | Monster of The Week | Beam Saber | Traveller: A Quiet Moment | Ironsworn | Belonging Outside Belonging | Blades In The Dark | Lancer
  • 6. Slice & Dice | Max V. & Following Theme

    In This Episode:We get to talk to the super passionate Max about their design focus and insights. How do you make a strong impact with a game? Where do you even start? We find out in this episode!Reach Out To Max:Itch.ioTwitterThe Game:0.6eGames Mentioned:Apocolypse World 2nd Edition | White Hack | Mothership | Chainmail | No Dice No Masters | Belonging Outside Belonging | Sleepaway | Ten Candles | Carapace | Trophy Gold | Electric Bastionland | Into The Odd | Artefact | The Machine | Light | Hyper Light Drifter RPG
  • 7. Slice & Dice | Adam Vass: Improvement & Kickstarter

    In This Episode:We get to pick the brain of one of the Brain Trust Podcast's very own Adam Vass. We dissect their most recent success Necronautilus as well as get a sneak peak into their latest project Babes In The Wood 2nd Edition. So whether you like a trippy metal aesthetic or the warm fuzzy feeling of autumn, you will find something to take away from this jam-packed episode.Check out the Kickstarter for Babes In The Wood 2nd EditionThe Games:NecronautilusBabes In The Wood 2nd EditionReach Out To Adam:World Champ Game Co. TwitterItch.ioGames Mentioned:Cobwebs | White Hack | Mork Borg | Babes In The Wood 1st Edition | Fantasy Age | No Man's Sky | Blades In The Dark | Heart: The City Beneath | Troika | Apocalypse World | Light