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Dr. Dawn on Careers

Make a Smooth Transition From College To Employment

If you're a college student, contemplating college, or a recent grad, this episode of Career Talk is for YOU! Great Next Step founder Beth Hendler-Grunt joins Dr. Dawn to share her best tips for how to find a fantastic first job, and why it's never too early (or late!) to get started. #switchers

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  • Best Career Advice for Current Times

    On this FINAL episode of "Dr. Dawn on Careers" we're excited to have Julie Cohen join the show - Founder of Work.Life.Leader and very FIRST guest on the show 6 years ago this month! We've enjoyed the honor of partnering with you over the last 6 years and wish you every success on your career, today and always!
  • Managing Endings in Your Career

    Inevitably, endings are a key part of new beginnings. On this episode of Dr. Dawn on Careers, The ThirtySomething Coach, Carrie Spaulding joins Dr. Dawn to share strategies for effectively managing career endings so that you can be successful in your new endeavors.
  • Negotiate!

    On this episode of "Dr. Dawn on Careers" we discuss the topic of negotiating. Whether vying for a promotion or raise, starting a new job, or hiring vendors, negotiating is a KEY skill as a professional.
  • Your Next Great (Career) Step!

    Dr. Dawn is joined by fan favorite Beth Hendler-Grunt, CEO of Next Great Step to discuss strategies to help new grads land the job they want in this competitive market.
  • The Job Search Manifesto

    A successful job search requires planning and a clear strategy - this week learn how to do that using tips from The Job Search Manifesto.
  • The Evil HR Lady is back!

    Suzanne Lucas, aka The Evil HR Lady, joins Dr. Dawn on Careers to share how to navigate the return to the office and what you can do if you want to continue to work from home.
  • Disclosing Disabilities in the Job Search

    Career Strategiest Nancy Grant joins Dr. Dawn to discuss how to strategies and resources for job seekers with disabilities.
  • The Job Closer!

    This week, Dr. Dawn welcomes guest Steve Dalton to share career tips from his new book "The Job Closer."