Episode 487: Asher Gamedze's 'Dialectic Soul', A Look Back At The Edge Of Daybreak's 'Eyes Of Love', And New Music From Bill Frisell

Season 10, Ep. 487

Most people first heard of Asher Gamedze when he contributed drums to Angel Bat Dawid's acclaimed 2019 release The Oracle. Now, the South African drummer is back, this time as bandleader, crafting a powerful statement on colonialism and his country's history with his debut album Dialectic Soul, a record many have called the best release of 2020. 

In 1976 the ten members of soul/funk band The Edge of Darkness had one thing in common besides their love of music: They were all in prison. Incarceration couldn't stop their love of music, and in 1976 they recorded Eyes Of Love at Powhatan Correctional Facility just outside of Richmond, Virginia. We're taking a look back at that record's origins and the triumph of the spirit that it's joyful songs represent. 

PLUS: Guitarist Bill Frisell has toured for years with drummer Rudy Royston and bassist Thomas Morgan but his new record Valentine (out now on Blue Note Records) is the first time they've recorded an album together. We're spinning a gorgeous track from this stunning document of friendship and communication. 

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Episode 498: Dezron Douglas and Brandee Younger 's 'Force Majeure'

Season 10, Ep. 498
While the pandemic of 2020 affected just about every aspect of our lives, it was professional musicians who may have been hit the hardest. Without the possibility of tours or even an audience, artists who previously relied on performing their work for a living were forced to re-evaluate how they would get by. For many, this meant a shift to DIY streaming performances, which, while they have the potential to offer uniquely intimate connections to artists, have not proven to be a suitable replacement or method of output. Enter bassist Dezron Douglass and harpist Brandee Younger and their series of shows on Instagram.What began as a simple way to connect to friends and fans over “brunch” became a bright spot to look forward to in the early days of the pandemic. Locked down in their apartment in New York City, the two interpreted an entire history of song revealing almost by accident that no matter what the circumstance, no matter how bleak it got, music and art would find a way.Force Majeure, the resulting album of highlights from those performances, is many things, but above all, it is a gift. For all the darkness we ALL experienced this year, despite all the confusion and pain, Douglass and Younger’s spirit manages to illuminate the world and let the listener know how not alone they really are. A musical journey through our seemingly endless days so filled with beauty, humor, and, most of all, life,Force Majeurestuns, not by being flashy, but by being human.