Episode 388: Huey Lewis and the News' 'Sports' at 35

Season 7, Ep. 388

With over eight million copies sold worldwide, four Top 10 hits, a “unique” reputation in cinematic history, and more, it is no wonder that the “heart of rock and roll” beats strong with Huey Lewis and The News bar room masterpiece thirty-five years after its release. Sports wasn’t just the sound of a band finally arriving on the scene, it encapsulated everything that was important to being goddamn American in the early 80’s even if it was all just a fantasy that has since faded, like so many Schlitz Tall-Boys, into the dark night of history

We’re bellying up to the bar to explore this man-powered masterpiece in all it’s do-wop glory, so pull up a stool, grab hold of a brew, and get ready to take a trip back to the days of maximum rock and roll.

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