Episode 376: Heaven & Earth - Kamasi Washington

Season 6, Ep. 376

If Kamasi Washington’s work on Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece To Pimp A Butterfly put Kamasi squarely in the public eye, his double LP The Epic that came a mere two months later launched him into the stratosphere. Washington followed up the audacious Brainfeeder debut with a succinct, and decidedly shorter work entitled The Harmony Of Difference (one of 2017’s very best albums), and now the master of Street Fighter cool is back with his first full length in three years, Heaven & Earth.

Built on the foundations of everything that came before with its sights directly aimed at the stars, Heaven & Earth isn’t just a masterful doubling down on the promise of Kamasi’s prior work, it may be one of the most significant pieces of art the 21st Century has produced. 

Kevin and Eduardo are joined by Philip Basnight (Broke Royals), Ian Taronji (The Lucky So & So's), and Eduardo's real-life brother Rafa (Rafa's One Man Band), for a heady conversation about jazz, life, every other sublime treasure that awaits you in Kamasi Washington's latest masterpiece, Heaven & Earth.

Show Notes

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