Episode 366: Sparkle Hard - Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks

Season 6, Ep. 366

Sparkle Hard, Stephen Malkmus' seventh album with his band The Jicks, finds the indie-rock icon/god experimenting with a more "mainstream" palate, slinging some prerequisite Pavement vibes, and even recording one of the most political songs of his career. On our latest podcast, Kevin, Drew, and (Malkmus-superfan) Eduardo are dissecting the new LP to find out if Malkmus has still got "magic," or if his particular brand of indie-rock has seen it's better days. 

PLUS! Whether they're from a far-away universe or somewhere deep within your mind (it is unclear, tbh), the Austin, Texas-based Golden Dawn Arkestra is inviting YOU along on their journey with the first single from their upcoming LP, Children Of The Sun!

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