Episode 327: From A Room: Volume 2 - Chris Stapleton

Season 5, Ep. 327

In 2017, Country was king, and there was no more significant player than Chris Stapleton. For the follow up to his Grammy-winning 2015 album Traveller, Stapleton teamed up again with producer Dave Cobb - the new proprietor of the historic Studio A in Nashville - to craft a record that was worthy of that room's history. 

The result was a two-part LP that represents the scope of Stapleton's musical identity. Where Volume 1, was a collection of newer songs, and an extension of his work on his debut, Volume 2, finds Stapleton not just mining his own past as a songwriting by putting to wax some of his oldest songs, but his history as a music fan through some choice covers.

Join Kevin, Marcus, and Eduardo as we finish out our album reviews for 2017 on a high note, talking about Chris Stapleton's powerful sophomore release, From A Room.  

Incidental music courtesy of Aquatic Gardener. Hear more/buy it HERE.

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