Episode 324: Automatic For The People - R.E.M. [Discologist]

Season 5, Ep. 324

After the surprise success of their thoroughly weird and seismic shift in their sound on their 1992 Grammy-winning LP Out Of Time, Athens, Georgia's R.E.M., promised a loud, raucous follow up. What they delivered instead was a monument to the joys of melancholy, loss, and the never-ending quest for beauty in the world. 1994's Automatic For The People, seen by many as the high point of the band's career, cemented their status as rock-and-roll legend's, and it's humanity still resonates today, twenty-five years later. 

Join us as we look back on this modern masterpiece and explore how it's meaning has changed for our panel of superfans so many years later, why some of its messages are MORE important today, and much more. 

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