Episode 300: Generation Soundcloud with April + Vista

Season 5

Soundcloud is one of the most ubiquitous "tools" used by artists and industry professionals alike since the collapse of the MP3 blog culture. Communities have built up within it, artists have been discovered through it, and 

Earlier this month, the music service announced that they were laying off 40% of their workforce, closing two offices, and, it was discovered, may only have enough cash to run for another 50 days.

On our 300th episode (!!!) Kevin, Marcus and special guests April George and Matt Vista (April + Vista), are discussing what this collapse could mean for artists, the blogosphere and the industry at large, and figuring out how to save the music industry in the process*

PLUS: Thoughts on the future of the cast, and a listen to a track that is nearest and dearest to our hearts. 

*Spoiler: We don't save the music industry

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