Episode 290: Reflections Of A Floating World - Elder

There's really no other way to say it: Music journalism is kind of in the sh@#@er in 2017. We're panling up in the basement to consider how things got this bad, could we all have done anything to stop it, and, most importantly, where do we go from here?  
Elder is a metal/prog band from Boston. We like Elder. Elder has a savage new album out, Reflections Of A Floating World. We like savage things. Seems like a thing we'd need to talk about, yea? 
PLUS! Colin Stetson is back and he's bringing his friends! This time the "heavy metal" wizard is diving headfirst in to metal/prog with his new band Ex Eye (featuring Stetson, Liturgy's Greg Fox on drums, Toby Summerfield on guitars, and Shahzad Ismaily on synths) and  and the results are as wild as you would expect. "Xenolith; The Anvil" is your first taste of this righteous sonic assault that's coming for all of us later this month. 

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