Episode 279: Tenderheart - Sam Outlaw

"The Best of xyz..." lists always kinda suck, but recently the Fader published a list that hit close to home...and was way off base. Marcus (Dowling) and Eduardo join Kevin in the basement to shed some light on the "DC scene" in 2017, and spread some tough love for the city that we love and call home. Sam Outlaw had a solid career in advertising, but after turning 30 decided to throw it all away and take up music. With his second full-length Tenderheart under his belt, the "California country" singer is spreading tender vibes to listeners across the world. Is it the real deal, or is it just LA artifice? We're digging in to find out. PLUS! Saxophonist supreme Colin Stetson is back with a wild new album, and we've got it's latest single for you to get weird with.

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