Episode 255: Faith - George Michael [Discologist]

By the late 80's, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, known to the majority of the world as George Michael, had already seen the heights of fame with his group Wham. He had experienced the power that artists could achieve by uniting their voices with We Are The World, and played an integral part in the video revolution that was MTV.  
But the best was yet to come.
In 1987, Faith, his debut solo album dropped and changed the face of pop music forever. Unabashedly open in matters of the heart, sexuality, and reverence for the rich history of American R&B, George Michael's masterpiece didn't just top the charts, it changed them immeasurably for the better.
Join us as we dive deep into this musical milestone with the help of our friends Sarah Godfrey and Marcus Dowling,
It's a celebration. It's a memorial. It's George Michael's Faith

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