Episode 250: Tourist In This Town - Allison Crutchfield

Allison Crutchfield (twin sister of Katie Crutchfield aka Waxahatchee) has paid her dues in bands like P.S. Eliot, Bad Bananna, and Swearin', but on her new LP Tourist In This Town (Merge Records) she's blasting off into a whole new phase of her career. Lousy with emotionally supercharged synth jams, Tourist reveals Crutchfield as one of the most vibrant voices of her generation, so of course, we're gonna talk about.

PLUS! Sampha's Process drops in a few weeks. We've got a taste of this masterful R&B excursion. 

Tourist In This Town
Allison Crutchfield

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Show Notes

Incidental music courtesy of Aquatic Gardener. Hear more/buy it HERE.

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